Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2016 Administrative Control And It's Relationship To Job Performance With The Basic Government Schools Principals In The Governorates Of The Northen West Bank From The Views Of Principals Themselves Marah Taher Shokri “Hasan Ali”
2016 Assessment of the Ministry's Unified Exams in West Bank Governorates from the Points of View of Administrators and Technicians Mohammad Abdul-Kareem Mahmoud AL-qasim
2016 The Degree of Academic Freedom and Professional Development and the Relationship between them among the Teachers in UNRWA schools in the West Bank from the Perspectives of Principals and Teachers Rose Jamal ' Jalal " Jameel Abu Jaish
2016 The Degree of Administrative Empowerment and the Moral and the Relationship between them in Basic School Teachers in Tulkarm Governorate from their Point of View Shirin Ibrahim Salama Mustafa
2016 The Degree of availability of the efficiencies of e-learning and inhibitors among school principals of public secondary schools in the provinces of the northern West Bank Iman Osama Mohammed Abdelaziz
2016 The Degree of Change Management and the Culture of Excellence and the Relationship Between them Among School Principals in Public Secondary Schools in North of West Bank From their Point of View Oraeb Abbas Jaber Salman
2016 The Degree of Change Management and the Culture of Excellence and the Relationship Between them Among School Principals in Public Secondary Schools in North of West Bank From their Point of View Oraeb Abbas Jaber Salman
2016 The Degree of Creativty Management and its Relation with the Management Performance for the Government School Principals in the Northern West Bank Directorates form the Teachers Perspeetives Sana Raji Ahmad Al-Sowadeh
2016 The Degree of Evaluating Secondary Schools Principals Training from their Perspectives in The Northern Directorate of the West Bank Nida Omar Mohammed Kittana
2016 The Degree Of Practice of Innovative Leadership By Educational Leaders and its Relationship To Effective of Decision-Taking From The Perspective of Academics Deans And Heads of Departments In Palestinian Universities Samah Hasan Ali Jibrini
2016 The Degree of Practicing of Servant Leadership By Secondary Governmental Schools Principals in West Bank Northern Governorates and its Relationship Teachers' Professional Development From The Perspective of Principals and Teachers Manal Jehad A'mer Halabi
2016 The Degree of Practicing of Educational Supervisors' Leadership Styles and its Relationship to Teachers' Professional Development in Public Schools in Northern West Bank Governorates From Teachers Point of Views Shadi Khaled Hussein Qashou
2016 The degree of Principals’ Commitment in Private Schools to the Strandards of School Administration Profession and its Relationship with Teachers Job Satisfaction in Jerusalem from the Teachers’ Point of View Manal Khalil Abu Ghannam
2016 The Degree of the Application of the Principles of Governance and its Relation to the Quality of work Procedures in the Directorates of Education in the Northern Provinces of the West Bank from the Viewpoints of the Principals in Government secondary schools Jamal Mazouz Saleem Mahmoud
2016 The Degree of Transformational Leadership for Education Managers and Its Relation to Motivation Among Workers in The Department of Education in Northern Governorates in Palestine from Workers’ Perception Mohammad Muin Abdelrahim Ismael
2016 The Extent of Elementary Stage Teacher’s Use of Punishment Styles in “Alawqaf” Schools in the Province of Jerusalem and their Opinios towards them. Sireen Nazmi Abdo
2016 The Extent of the Contribution of the Educational Administration Master’s Program in the Professional Development at An- Najah National University of its Graduat Study Students Rabee Mohammed Shalaldah
2016 The Reality of E-learning at An-Najah Un. and its Role in Achieving the Interaction between Learners from the Point of View of Students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty of Education Programs and Faculty Members Taghreed “Mohammed Tayseer” Hantouli
2016 The Role of The School Management in Providing A Safe School Environment in Basic Public Schools in the Directorates of The Northern West Bank from Their Teachers' Views Sherine Adnan Ismail Hashaika
2016 Transformational Leadership and its Relatonship with Organizational Culture for Educational supervisors in Public Secondary Schools in Northern Governorates in the West Bank in Palestine from the Perception of Educational Supervisors Themselves Lama Yousef Mahmoud Khaled
2015 Degree of Application of Management by Objectives and Its Relationship with Job Satisfaction of government school teacher in the Northern governorate of the West Bank as perceived by teachers them selves Omayya Abdullah Ishtayah
2015 Reality of implementation of school self-administration In self-administrated governmental schools in the north of west bank As perceived by headmasters and teachers" Waleed Khaled Abdel haleem Isleem
2015 The Degree of Empowerment and Organizational Administrative Climate and their Relationship with the Principals of Basic Public Schools and their Directorates in the West Bank from the Views of School principals Manar Hasan Hasanain
2015 The Degree of Implementing Time Management Methods and its relationship of School Principals Senses of Self-Efficacy in Jerusalem Distric and its Environs Osama Mohammad Naji Sbetani
2015 The Degree of Motivation and Job Satisfaction and the Relationship between them Among Governmental High School Principals from their Point of View in the North of West Bank - Palestine