Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2011 Transformational Leadership Relation with the Organizational Climate in Public Secondary Schools in Palestine from the Points of View of Principals)
2010 (Job Seriousness and its Relationship with Burnout Among Principals of Government Secondary Schools in the Northern Palestine Governorates)
2010 Attitudes of Government Secondary School Principals Towards Application of Knowledge Management in Northern Governorates in Palestine Allan M. Authman
2010 Degree of Application of Reengineering in Government Schools in Northern West Bank Governorates from the Point of View Schools Principals Nadia Murad Yosef Hannoun
2010 Reality of Government Schools Principals' Practices of their Educational Authorities in Northern West Bank Governorates Through their Point of View Mohammed Hassan Zayed
2010 Reality of Implementing Electronic Management in the Secondary Government Schools in the West Bank from the Principals' Perspective Eman Hasan Moustafa Kaloof
2010 Teachers' Strategies in Dealing with High Achievers in the Government Secondary Schools from the Teachers and Principals Perspectives Fatema Jameel Sous
2010 The Assessment of School Libraries’ Educational Efficiency at Basic Public Schools in Palestine from Principals’ Perspectives Rula Naim Fathallah Attaher
2010 The Degree of Application of Strategic Planning at the Directorates of Education, in the West Bank Governorates from their Point of View Rana Daoud Darweesh Al-Kourdi
2010 The Degree of Standard Application of Total Quality Management from Principals Point View in Nablus District Schools Fatimah Isa Abu Abdoh
2010 The Impact of Training Courses in The Tasks of Schools Principals in The goverarates of of Schools Principals in The Goverarates of Palestine, from their Point of View Abeer Al-qaisi
2010 The Level of Professional Development Among An-Najah University Faculty Members from their Point of View Hala Mahmoud Tayseer Shakhshier
2010 The Personality Traits of Remedial Education Teachers at UNRWA Schools in the West Bank from the Perspectives of Supervisors of Their Work in The School Reem Atef Zeidan
2010 The Role of Supervisor in Developing School Administration from the Point of View of Governmental Schools Principals in North Palestine Governorates Firas Lahlabat
2010 The Two Degrees of Accountability and Effectiveness of Educational Administration Principals' and the Relationship Between them in Public Secondary Schools Governorates of the West Bank from the Point of View of Employees in the Departments of Education Mayy Mohammad Mahoud Al-Hasan
2009 Modules of Communications Among UNRWA Preparatory School Principals and its Relationship with Organizational Loyalty from the Teacher Perspective Governates of West Bank Baker Ali Ahmed Mohammed Hanoun
2009 Palestinian Secondary Public Schools’ Principals’ Commitment Degree to Professional Ethics from their Teachers’ Perspectives Saja Ahmad Mahmoud Yahyia
2009 Personal Traits of the Remedial Teachers in UNRWA Schools in Nablus Region from the Principals and Teachers Point of View
2009 The Leadership Behavior and it's Relationship with the Organizational Climate for Male and Female Public Secondary Schools' Principals in the Palestinian Northern Governorates from their Teacher's Point of View Ashraf Ahmed Salim Salim
2009 The Relationship Between The Degree of Practice of Educational Decision Making and the Degree of Ability to Solve Problems for The Public Secondary Male and Female School Principals in the Northern Governorates of The West Bank Mai Sai Mohammed Nazal
2009 The Role of Informatics in Developing Vocational Performance of Vocational Teachers in Industrial Schools in Palestine: from the Principles and Vices Point of View Watheq Najeeb Mahmoud Hathnawi
2008 Attitude of Governmental Secondary School Teachers in West Bank Northern Governorates-Palestine Towards Early Retirement and Impact of Some Variables on It Bayan M. Samaneh
2008 Degree of Educational Supervisor's awareness of the effect of Globalization on the Teaching – Learning process in the Directorates of Education in the Mid and Northern Districts of the West Bank Asad Hasan Habayib
2008 Organization Climate in the Public Secondary Schools in North Palestine from the Points of View of the Teachers Fatima Abdel Qader Ahmed Al Qadoumi
2008 Relationship Between Academic Freedom and Institutional Commitment As Perceived by Faculty Members at Palestinian Universities Dana Lutfi Hamdan