Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2004 Level of Professional Belonging and Job Satisfaction and the Relationship Between them Among the Teaching Staff in the Palestinian Universities Intisaar Mohammed Taaha Salaameh
2004 Managerial Problems in Private Schools and their Effect on Education from the Perspectives of Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students in North Palestine Districts Amneh Ezzat Aniis Saleh
2004 Motives of Pursuing High Studies by the Students of the Palestinian Universities Shawqi Fayyad Darweesh Sbaihat
2004 The Forms of the Aggressive Behavior to the Pupils in the Sixth Grade, in Nablus Governorate Mujahed Hasan Mohamed Abu - Aid
2004 The Tasks of the Principals of the Governmental Schools in the Field of Using Educational Technology in the Directorates in the North of the West Bank in the Views of the Principals Ashraf Monther Ahmad El-Saegh
2003 Aspects of Psychological Alienation Among Governmental School Teachers Mahmoud Awad Mahmoud Mosa
2003 Attitudes of Employees Towards Organizational Change and Factors Affecting them at the Establishments of the Palestinian National Authoriy in the Northen Districts of the West Bank خليل احمد خضر خليل
2003 Attitudes of Fine Arts Majors at Palestinian Universities and Community Colleges Towards Teaching Profession in Schools After Graduation إبراهيم خليل يوسف الخروبي
2003 Degree of Job Satisfaction of Public Schools Educational Counselors in the Directorates of Education in the West Bank Governorates Randa W. Maqboul
2003 Developing Proposed Educational Criteria for the Selection of the Teachers at UNRWA Schools in North of Palestine from the Principals, Points of View Jamal Mohammad Marshood
2003 Impact of Music learning on the Ability of Problems Solving of High Elementary Students in Nablus Directorate Mahde Nabil Alawna
2003 Leadership Patterns of Palestinian University Faculty Members in the Northern Governorates of the West Bank as Perceived by Faculty Members and Students Ahmed Mohammad Ahmad Al-Nairab
2003 Nurses Personal Characteristics of Cancer Patients Centers in West Bank زهدي نديم شكري طبيلة
2003 Personality Traits of An-Najah National University Students and its Influence by Some Demographic Variables Samer "Mohmmad Majed" Abdul Raheem Hamed
2003 Registration Problems of Palestinian Universities According To Faculty Members and Students Nasser M. Yousef As'ad
2003 Self Concept and the Effect of Some Demographic Variables, And its Relationship With Burnout Phenomenon In The High Stage Government Teachers In Jenin and Nablus Districts Mohnnad Abd Saleem Abd Al –Ali
2003 Self Confidence Among the Seventh, Eight and Ninth Grade Students in the Governmental Schools in Nablus District During Al-Aqsa Intifada Etaf Mohamad Zaiat
2003 Society Serving Centers and the Continuing Education in the Palestinian Universities in the Northern Governorates of Palestine (Status, Problems & Future) Sultan Malek Zuhdi Yaseen
2003 Stress on the Palestinian Woman During Al Aqsa Intifada as a Result of the Israeli Actions in Qalqilia District Hasem Al-Shaer
2003 The Attitudes of Secondary Schools Principals Towards Educational Accountability at the Northern Governorates of West Bank Abeer Eid Yousef Kasbari
2003 The Attitudes of the Students at the Palestinian Universities Towards, the Woman Work Sai'd Mohammaed Ahmed Hamayel
2003 The Level of Behavior Problems at the Secondary Stage Students of the Government Schools and the Difficulties on Treating them from the Point of View of the Educational Counselors in noth Palestine Governerates Abdullatif Mustafa Al- Abed Athamneh
2003 The Relationship between Professional Loyalty & Leadership Patterns of Administrators at the Ministries of the Palestinian National Authority Ma'moun Abdul- Qader Awartani
2003 The Satisfaction with Life and Its Relationship to Self- Appreciation Among the Governmental School's Principals in the Northern Districts in Palestine Adel Mahmoud Muhammad Sulaiman
2003 The School Health Programs Status in Basic Schools as Viewed by Teachers in Governmental and UNRWA Schools in Nablus District Dalia Rahmi Abd-Alfattah Toukan