Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2008 Role of School Administration in Developing Creativity in Government Schools in Northern Governorates of Palestine and Its Obstacles as Perceived by School Principals Njud Shuhada Balwany
2008 The Principals of Primary Public Schools' level of Comprehending the Educational and Administrative Concepts and Terminology, and its Relationship with their Organizational Loyalty in the North Palestine Governates Hana'a Mohamed Ali Mahmoud Alhelw
2008 The Relationship Between Patterns of Leadership Behavior and Patterns of Communication Among Academic Administrators from the Standpoint of the Faculty Members in the Palestinian Universities Raef Shehadeh Naief Shehadeh
2008 The Status of Crisis Management and Proposed Alternatives as Perceived by the Palestinian Leaders of Civic and Security Institutions Tawfeeq Mohammed Hussein Al– Terawi
2007 Educational Planning Problems for the Public Secondary Male and Female School Principals in Palestine Ghaida’ Abdallah Saleh Abu-Eisheh
2007 Perceptions of An- Najah National University Students Towards Democratic Practices of Faculty Members Rola Abdel- Rahim Harb
2007 The Degree of Knowledge about and Application of Total Quality Management in Palestinian Education Departments from the Perspective of Workers in these Departments Inaya Mohammed Kudear
2007 The Degree of Leadership Duties Practices in Governmental Secondary School's Principals in Palestine Fatina Jameel Muhammed Balbeisi
2007 The Efficiency of Remedial Education Program in Enhancing Students’ Achievement from Teachers’ Perspectives at UNRWA Schools in North West Bank Khitam Abdul Rahman Ashour
2007 The Problems that Face the UNRWA Schools Principals of the Basic Stage from the Point of View of the Headmasters and Teachers in the Governorates of North Palestine Haneya Yusef Mahmood Lahwany
2006 Hardiness Behaviour and its Relationship with Job Satisfaction Among the Headmasters of Government Schools in the Northern Districts of West Bank Sadeq Sameeh Sadeq Al- Qarout
2006 Problems of Communication Among Graduate Students and their Teacher at Palestinian Universities as Perceived by the Students Themselves Ja'far Wasfi Tawfiq Abu Saa
2006 The Relationship Between Delegation of Authority and Effectiveness of Taking Decisions in the Academic Departments from the Perspective of the Lecturers in the Palestinian Universities Ibraheem Afife Ibraheem Muhanna
2005 Achievement Extent of Total Quality Management Standards at Palestinian Universities in the West Bank Districts as Seen by the Teaching Staff Muntaha Ahmad Ali Al-Mallah
2005 Difficulties Encountering Palestinian Working Women in the Public Sector in Northern West Bank Dina Fahmi Khaled Jaber
2005 Evaluation of the Educational Supervision Planning for the Educational Supervisors in Palestine Seen by Secondary Schools Principals and Teachers Basem Mamdouh Darwish Suboh
2005 Feeling of Emotional Security and its Relationship with Some Variables of An-Najah National University Students Iyad Mohammad. Nadi Aqra'
2005 Headmasters and Headmistresses Trends Towards the Individuate of Learning in Governmental & Secondary Schools in the South Districts of the West Bank Aisheh Hashem Nimr Elkhateeb
2005 Personality Traits and Organizational Loyalty of Female Primary School Teachers in Nablus Governorate Khitam A. Ali Ghanam
2005 Problems of Vocational Education in the Palestinian Secondary Vocational Schools from the Views of the Teachers and Students Involved in the Vocational Education Mai Fathi Hussain Abu Asbeh
2004 Centralization and Decentralization of the Educational Administration in Palestine from the Principals of Governmental Schools in the Northern Palestinian Governorates Point of View Rasheed Khaled Rashed Mansour
2004 Delegation of Authority of UNRWA Basic Schools Principals in Palestinian's Northern Governorates from the Teacher's Point of View Amjad Turki Wasef Thiab
2004 Democratic Practices and its Features as Perceived by An-Najah and Birzeit University Student and the Extent of its Influence by the Demographic Variables Ayoob Farug Lutfi Tanbour
2004 Educational Counselor Performance at Governmental Secondary Schools in Jenin and Qabatya Directorates from Administrative and Teachers Point of View Nasser Rafiq Al-Salameh
2004 Feeling and Impact of Job Security on Level of Ambition Among Directors in the Palestinian National Authority Ministries' Headquarters Nidal Sameer Nayef Ibrahim