Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
1998 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for to Degree of Master in Education Jehad Ahmed Khaleel Selmi
1998 Leadership Qualities Among An- Najah and Bir Zait University Students هشام حامد محمد عطاري دويكات
1998 Personal Characteristics and Creative Thinking of the Eleventh Grade Students in the Northern Governorates of Palestine Ali Nasha't Sha'ar
1998 Sources of Psychological Stress and Their Relationship with Morale as Seen by UNRWA Teachers in the Educational Region of Nablus Yahia Mohammad Nada
1998 Supervisory Modes that Practiced by Elementary and Secondary School Principals from Teachers' Points of View احمد علي احمد الشوا
1998 Teacher Coping Strategies with Pyschological Strss Facing Them in Public Secondary Schools in Nablus Governovate Mu'ath M.A El- Arda
1998 The Attitudes of Teachers and Principals of Basic Schools Towards Mainstreaming Handicapped Students in General Education Othman A. Abdallah
1998 The Effectiveness of the Head Teachers Training Program (HT) in Developing the Practice Degree of Head Teacher's Supervising Tasks from the Point of View of the Headteachers in UNRWA Schools in the West Bank Khalid Qasim Abu Sarris
1998 The Leadership Behaviour of Scouts and Guides in Nablus Schools رجاء محمد روحي الأحمد
1998 The Prevailing Values of the Supervisors at the Palestinian Driectorates of Education and the Effect of Gender, Qualifcation and Experience Wajih Amin
1998 The Principals' Administrative Communication Patterns and its Relation on their Students' Attitudes Toward School in Government Secondary School in Nablus, Tulkarm, and Qalqilya Governorates ناريمان شريف شاكر زيدان
1998 The Reality of Technical Education Curriculum in the Gaza Governerates from the Teacher's Point of View فريد عبد الرحمن النيرب
1998 The Relationship Between Locuc of Control & Problem Solving Ability Among Al- Najah University Students in Nablus in West Bank فداء سالم محمد الشافعي
1998 The Time Management Among Chairpersons of Academic Department in the West Banj Universities Sana' Khaleel Hanna
1998 اتجاهات طلبة جامعة النجاح الوطنية نحو المرض النفسي إياد محمد زكي عثمان
1998 المعايير المقترحة لاختيار المشرف التربوي في فلسطين عبد الحكيم احمد محمود وادي
1998 ظاهرة الاحتراق النفسي وعلاقتها بضغوط العمل لدى معلمي المدارس الثانوية الحكومية في الضفة الغربية يوسف حرب محمد عودة
1997 Attitudes of Mathematics and Science Teachers Toward Classroom Visits at UNRWA Schools in the West Bank Fayeq Mahmoud Tayyeb Abu Kishek
1997 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master in Education Imade E-Deen Ibrahim Abd El- Fattah Said
1997 Level and Sources of Psychological Tension Among Educational Inspectors and Principals in the West- Bank Public Schools Abu- Eisheh. Zaheda
1997 Training Needs for Primary School Principals and their Impact on Decision- Making Ibrahim A. Al- Nuri
1997 الضغوط المهنية التي تواجه معلمي مؤسسات التربية الخاصة في الضفة الغربية خالد "محمد فائق" رشيد الكخن
1996 Organizational Health of the Governmental and UNRWA Basic Schools in Nablus City as Perceived by the Teachers محمد علي خليل عطا الله
1996 The Administrative Practices of the Principals of the Secondary Schools in the West Bank رايق مصطفى سلام عامر
1996 العلاقة بين مفهوم الذات ومركز الضبط لدى الطلبة الجامعيين في الجامعات الفلسطينية في الضفة الغربية عبير إبراهيم سرحان