Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2001 تقييم المكتبات الجامعية في الجامعات الفلسطينية إياد جميل دويكات
2000 Developing Criteria for Selecting Secondary School Principals in Palestine Abed Atallah Abed Hamayel
2000 Directions of the Academic Supervisors Towards Open Education Program in the Areas of Al- Quds Open University and it's Centers in Palestine تيسير محمد صالح نصر الله
2000 Evalutaion of Educational Supervision System in UNRWA's Primary Schools in the West Bank Governorates from Principals and Educational Supervisor's Point of View Majdi Ali Sa'd Zamel
2000 Impact of Music Education on "Self- Concept" on the Truth Grade Students in Nablus Government Schools Khalifa M. Jad-Allah
2000 Job Satisfaction of Department Heads in the Palestinian National Authority Ministries in the Northern Governorates Sabah Salim Mustaf Sharsheer
2000 Pattern of Leadership and Government Secondary School Principles' Delegation of Authority in Palestine's Northern Governorates from the Teacher's Point of View فيصل عبد الجليل سعادة دويكات
2000 Problems Facing the Students of Higher Education in West Bank Saleem Mahmoud Ahmad Othman
2000 Proposed Model for Evaluating Public Secondary School Principals in the Northen Governorates of Palestine Ola "Mohammed Hood" Hussni Qarqash
2000 School Disciplinary Councils' Effectiveness from Teachers Point of View in Public Schools in Nablus Governorate and their Suggestions for their Improvement Wajih Y.D Ahmad
2000 School Students' Crises in Northern Governorates of Palestine from Principals' and Onel' Point of View Rabi' Shfiq Lutfi Abdalla
2000 The Educational Values of Secondary Schools Teacher in the Palestinian Northern Governerates يحيى زكريا جبر
2000 The Extent Educational Supervisors' Practice of their Supervisory Competencies as Perceived by UNRWA Teachers in the West Bank Fayeq Suleiman Hassan Abu- Huweidi
1999 Attitudes of Deans and Academic Chairpersons of the Palestinian Universities Toward Computerization of their Administrative Jobs Yazid Ahmad Fayyad Jawabreh
1999 Burnout Phenomenon and Coping Strategies of the PNA Ministries Employees جهاد عبد الفتاح صالح رمضان
1999 Educational Administrators' Attitudes Toward Administrative Development in the Palestinian Ministry of Education Eyad "Mohammed Tayseer" Ahmed Abu Hantash
1999 Encouraging and Discouraging Factors for Taking Educational Counseling as a Career in the West Bank Government Schools in Palestine ماجد محمد أبو فرحة
1999 Obstacles Facing the Principals of High and Essential Schools in Tulkarm and Nablus Governorates Mahdi Kamel Ahmad Suleiman
1999 Occupational Stress Facing Bank Employees in the West Bank of Palestine امجد عبد الحميد محمد أبو نبعة
1999 Problem Facing Co- Educational Secondary Schools Principals in Palestine Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Ismail
1999 Psychology of Optimism and Pessiomosm of General Secondary Public Schools Students in Jenin Governorate فيصل محمود خليل حمدان
1999 Relationship between Self- Confidence and Leadership Patterns Among Government Secondary Principals in Palestine Northern Governorates Shawkat Suleiman Sama'nah
1999 The Effect of Coeducation on the Academic Achivement of the Tenth Grade Students at the Government Schools in Nablus Governorate Nadia Abdulla Qe'idan
1999 The Relationship Between English Teacher's Locus of Control and the Students Achievement in English in Tenth Grade in Nablus Governorate Samar Salah Al.Alem
1998 Attitudes of Primary School Teachers Toward Physical Punishment in West Bank Northern District Schools Burhan Hussain Abdel Rahim Al- Sa'adi