Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2015 The degree of organizational justice and its relationship to authority delegation to the principals of High schools in Tulkarm Province from the point of their teachers Mahmoud Abdul Raheem Bader Ghanem
2015 The Degree of Problems of Assessment Practices Followed by Public School Head teachers (Northern West Bank Governorates) in Assessing Teachers:from Teachers Perspective Hana’ Abdul-Hamid Al-Khabas
2015 The degree of psychological stress and its relationship to Perceived self-efficacy among high school Government Teachers in The Northern Governorate of West Bank Of Palestine Marwa Hassan Abu Ali
2015 The Efficiency in Public Schools and Its Relevance to the Leadership Models from the Principal’s Perspective in the Northern District of West Bank Faten Ribhi Mohammad Amer
2015 The Reality and Obstacles of Applying Governance Systems in Palestinian Universities from the Point of view of Deans and Chairpersons in the West Bank Hans' Sharaf
2015 The Reality of Using MIS and its Relation with Administrative Creativity According to the Point of View of the Principals of the Secondary Schools of the West Bank Suzan Sameer Ali Salahat
2015 The Role of School Extra Activities on the Effectiveness of Basic Government Schools in Directorates Northern West Bank from the Principals Point of View Ayshi Mohammad Qasim Abd-Rabo
2014 Attitudes Counselors and Teachers of the degree of Integration of Autistic student with their Colleagues, and Constraints in the Government Basic school in the West Bank, Palestine Sana Mohammed Hassan Darawsheh
2014 Creative thinking skills and it's relation with the communication patterns of the principals of the public schools in the province of north of the West Bank according to instructor opinion Amal Zuheir Sawalha
2014 Degree of Transformational Leadership Attributes Among Public Secondary Schools Principals and its Relationship with Teachers' Professional from the Viewpoint of Teachers in the Directorates of North Palestine Ro'ia Mahmoud Mohammed Kanan
2014 Effectiveness of Administrative Control and its Relationship to Job Performance for Principals’ Basic Government Schools in the West Bank Governorates from the Teachers’ Points of View Isra' Yaseen Abd Alfattah Yaseen
2014 The Degree of Application of TotalQuality Management in Educational Supervision in the West Bank Public Schools from Supervisors’ Point of Views Suha Ahmed Khalid Yamin
2014 The Degree of Positive Practices among Governmental Schools Principals and it's Relationship with Teachers' self Efficiency from the Teachers Point of View at the North Directorates of the West Bank Nasreen Mohammad Abedel Fattah Salameh
2014 The Degree Practice of the School Principal as a Resident Supervisor in Improving the Teachers’ Professional Growth from the Teachers’ Perspective in the West Bank Private Schools Elham Hassan Mohammed Hamad
2014 The M.A Thesis and their Quality in the Educational Faculties and the Difficulties that Face Students in Writing them as Perceived by Palestinian University Supervisors and Students Abeer " Mohamed Hashem Qareeb
2014 The Reality of Academic and Administrative Practices of Palestinian Universities and its Relationship to Profession from Perspective of Faculty Staff Mousa Khalil Odeh
2014 The Role of Collegiate Supervision in Improving their Professional Growth from their Perspective in the West Bank Northern Districts Alia Salah Mustafa Assaf
2014 The Role of Public Secondary Schools' Principal's in the Development of the Local Community in the Northern West Bank from the Viewpoint of Fathers and Mothers Councils Rafeef Marwan Taher Izgheibi
2014 The Role of Public Secondary Schools' Principal's in the Development of the Local Community in the Northern West Bank from the Viewpoint of Fathers and Mothers Councils Rafeef Marwan Taher Izgheibi
2013 Lecturers attitudes concerning virtual classas as a model of E-Learning at AL-Quds open University in Palestine Sobhiya Said Nassar
2013 Level of Stress Coping Management Strategies of Parents of Children with Special Needs in Nablus Governorate Salam Radi Anes Bustami
2013 Reality of Using Management Information Systems and its Relation on Decision –Making Process at Directorates of Education Northern Waste Bank Governorates from the Perspective of their Employees Maryam Jameel Mohammad Mayaleh
2013 The degree of the availability of Learning Organization for the Principals of Public School and from their Perspectives in Northern and Central Governorates in the West Bank Fida' Ghazi Yousof Alhaj Abd Alfattah
2013 The Reality of Using Electronic Supervisionin Government Schools from Supervisors’Perspectives in the Northern West Bank Rasha Rateb Al- Qasem
2013 University staff Member's Characteristics from Perspectives of Palestinian universities staff members Wafaa Ibrahim Abdullah Abdullah