Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2003 The Value Structure of Student at the Palestinian Universities Jihad Naeme Abdel- Rahman Qamhiya
2002 A Proposed Model for Financing Higher Education in Palestine From the Point of View of P.L. Representatives Muin Hasan Abdel- Rahman Jaber
2002 Conflict Management Styles Among Directorates of Education Head Divisions in West-Bank / Palestine Rafiq Salameh Mahmoud Awad
2002 Effect of Al-Aqsa Intifada on Some Problems Pertinent to Children's Psychology of Play from Principals' and Teachers' Points of View in Northen Governorates of Palestine Tariq Nawaf Hassan Samarah
2002 Manager's of the Palestinian Governmental Departments in the Governorates of North Palestine Point of View Concerning the Administrative Problems that they Encounter Mustafa Fares Basheer Jaradat
2002 Obstacles Keeping the Palestinian Woman Out of Reach of the Higher Administrative Position in the Palestinian Public Establishments Samar Mohammad Ibrahim Bani Odeh
2002 Organizational Conflict Management Among the Administrators of the Ministry of Youth & Sport in Palestine Marwan Issa Wishahi
2002 Selef- Efficacy for Principals of Governmental Academic Secondary Schools in Palestine's Northern Governorates from the Point of View of Principals and Teachers Saleh Abd- El- Azeez Samour Aqraa
2002 The Aspects at School Violence Among High Public School Students in Nablus Governorate Mohdekar Sheep Abuzant
2002 The Problems of the Governmental Industrial Schools in West Bank from the Teacher's Viewpoint Murad Mohammed Hamdan
2002 The Relationship Between Personal Characteristics and Morale of Special Education Teachers in West Bank- Palestine Rawhi Mrawweh Ahmad Abdat
2002 The State of the Evaluation of the Performance of the Palestinian Trading Companies' Employees in Ramallah and Al- Beiri District in Employees Point of View Asem Shawqi Hamdan
2002 The Students' Evaluation of the Faculty at An- Najah National University:The Effect of the Demographic Variables on the Students' Evaluation and their Suggestions to Improve the Faculty's Performance Areeg Awni Y. Toukan
2001 Control and Administrative Communication and Relationship between them at the Education Directorates in the Districts on North Palestine from the Viewpoint of their Employees حسن نبيل عبد الجابر رمضان
2001 Developing Colleges of Humanities at the Palestinian Universities, concerning the Performance of their Staff Members, and the Universities' Relations with the Local Communities Amro Burhan Jamil Al- Aker
2001 Effect of Involvement in Summer Camps on 8th-10th Graders' Physical Self- Concept in Qalgilya Public Schools Nasser A. Idris Al- Ashqer
2001 Management Comeptemcies Available and Obstacles of Their Development Among Directors of Government Departments in the Palestinian National Authority Ministries Ali Khalid Yousef
2001 Obstacles Facing Educational Supervisors in Palestine Ruqayya Ziad Al- Qassim
2001 Personality Traits of the Working Woman in the Private and Punblic Sectors in Nablus Rana El-Sal'ous
2001 Problem- Solving Strategies Among the Managers at the Palestinian National Authority Ministries Ma'moun Adnan Mahmoud
2001 Relationship between Time Management and Leadership Style Among Palestinian Red Crescent Society Administrative Officers Nujood Sheeb Abu Zant
2001 Secondary Stage Student's Self- Concept in Tulkarm Governorate its Relationship with Their Teachers' Educational Practices from the Students' Point of View Ahmed M. Amine Fanne
2001 Standards of Educational Values Twelfth Among Grade Students In Nablus High Schools Taleb Abu Aseedeh
2001 The Point of Views of Female School Principals, Teachers and Parents Toward the System of Feminizing the The Teaching Staff in the Lower Basic Stage of Governmental and Private Schools in Northern Districts of Palestine Maysarah Nayif Muh'd Al-Kamanji
2001 The Predominat Leadership Styles of Director Generals of the Ministry of Interior in the Northern Districts of Palestine as seen by the Subrdinates and the Effect of that on the Work Effectiveness Maha Tawfiq Mohammad Shbytah