Educational Science - Educational Administration

Year Title Authors
2012 The Status of Educational Accountability of Teachers in UNRWA Schools in the West Bank and its Relationship to Total Quality from the Viewpoints of Principals Iman Mustafa Hweill
2012 Effectiveness of the organizational culture The skill of Solving the school problems faced by public secondary schools principals in the West Bank directorates from their points of view Yasmeen Ali Mohammad Ahmad
2012 Obstacles Of Crisis Management in Government Secondary Schools in Governorates of the West Bank and Solutions From The Principals' Points Of View Nada Ez-Aldeen Adib Antour
2012 Organizational Culture and Administrative Practices and its Relationship among Public Schools` Principals From their point of reviews in Jerusalem ,and "Ramalla and Bereh" Districts Dima Abed Ali Alian
2012 Problems Faced by Novice School Principals and Ways to Overcome them in Public Schools in Northern West Bank as Perceived by the School Principals Themselves Mayyda Azzam Salameh Hewite
2012 The degree of administrative empowerment and development of performance and the relationship between them from point of view of the public schools principals in the districts of the northern West Bank Muaid Ahmad Sadeq Masoud
2012 The Degree of Aspects and Causes of the Aggressive Behavior among Basic Grade Student at the Elemantary Classes in Northern Governmental Schools in the Northern Governorates West Bank and the Methods ofTreatment from the teachers’ view point Tahane Mohammed Abdel Khader AL Saleh
2012 The Degree of Availability of Future Schools` Characteristics: Principals' Perspective at the West Bank Government Schools Sonia Ahmad Ali Aboalsoud
2012 The degree of organizational justice to the principals of public schools and their relationship to job satisfaction of teachers in public high schools in the districts of the northern West Bank Shatha Lotfi Mahmoud Mohammad
2012 The Degree of Principals’ Effectiveness in Change Leadership for Development of the Basic School in Palestine from their Views Hanan Essam Nemer Ayoub
2012 The fact of academic contact at An-Najah National University and its relationship to good about college life from the perspectives of students Reem Jamal Zaki Qreab
2012 The problems that facing the teachers in the coeducation basic governmental schools Raneen Ahmad Shihadi
2012 Transformational Leadership and it's Relationship with Authority Delegated in the UNRWA Schools in the West Bank from the Teachers Point of Views. Ahmad Reyad Ahmad Awwad
2012 Transformational Leadership Relation with the Organizational Climate in Public Secondary School in Palestine from the Points of View of Principals Reem Nasouh Taher Awwad
2012 Trends of teachers of public sec. schools in North governorates of West Bank towards their headmasters' administrative behaviors in using science labs Naser Mohammad Hassan Abo Hmoud
2011 (The Degree of Principals' Effectiveness in Change Leadership for Development of the Basic Schools in Palestine from their Views)
2011 Determining the degree of Educational Needs of the Educational Supervisors in the Northern governorate of the West Bank Ma'amoon Zuheir Saleh Zerai
2011 Determining the Educational Needs of Educational Supervisors in the Directorates مأمون زهير صالح الزرعي
2011 Job Hardiness and its Relationship with Burnout Among Principals of States Secondary Schools in the Northern Palestine Governorates Sanabel Ameen Saleh Jarrar
2011 Problems Faced by Novice School Principals and Ways to Overcome them in Public Schools in Northern West Bank as Perceived by the School Principals Themselves ميادة عزام سلامة حويطي
2011 Problems Faced Teachers in Basic CO-Educational Schools in North of West Bank
2011 The Degree of Administrative Communication Skills Possession of Public Schools Principals Ability and it's Relation with Problem Solving from the Point of View of Teachers in West Bank Directorates of Education)
2011 The Degree Of Administrative Communication Skills Possession Of Public Schools Principals And It's Relation With The Ability Of Problem Solving From The Teachers Point Of View In The West Bank Directorates Of Education Mohammed Tawfik Mansour
2011 The Degree of Participatory Leadership Practice from the administrators of Public Schools and its relation on Job Satisfaction in the Northern Province of West Bank from the Views of their Teachers علاء توفيق رشيد شقير
2011 The degree of Practicing Participatory Leadership of public schools principals and it's relation to Job Satisfaction from the point of view of teachers in North of West Bank directorates of Education Alaa' Tawfeeq Shqair