Transformational Leadership and its Relatonship with Organizational Culture for Educational supervisors in Public Secondary Schools in Northern Governorates in the West Bank in Palestine from the Perception of Educational Supervisors Themselves

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ghassan Hilo/supervisor
Dr. Rajaa Sweedan/external examiner
Dr. Ashraf Sayej/internal examiner
Dr. Faker Khalili/internal examiner
Prof. Ghassan Hilo/supervisor
Lama Yousef Mahmoud Khaled
The present study aimes to identify transformational leadership and its relatonship with organizational culture for educational supervisors in public secondary schools in northern governorates in the West Bank in Palestine in the light of the independent variables of the study, namely: gender, age, educational qualification, experience. the researcher adopted the descriptive method Correlative approach to the study , the research selected representative stratified random sample of the workers in departments of Education (200). The researcher to selected a stratified random representative sample of Supervisors educators in public secondary schools in northern of West Bank in Palestine. The researche Retrievaed (185) valid questionnaire, the researcher adopted the questionnaire as a research tools. the researcher tested the validity and realibilty of the instrument by a group of specialists in education and administration, and by using Cronbach's alpha formula. results suggest that the degree of transformational leadership among supervisors in public secondary schools in the field of transformational leadership has come at an average of (3.5) and standard deviation (0.61), this shows a high degree of degree application of transformational leadership among supervisors in public secondary in northern West Bank in Palestine. Furthermore, Results indicate that indicates that the degree of organizational culture among supervisors received an average of (3.85) and a standard deviation of (0.41). moreover, the results indicate the presence of statistically significant positive correlation at (0.05) between transformational leadership and organizational culture among supervisors in public secondary schools in the northern West Bank in Palestine, where the value of the correlation coefficient (0.56). Based on the results of the study, the researcher presented recommendations such as the importance of the need for future studies on the subject of Transformational Leadership for school director. In addition, to find best ways to increase organizational culture among teahcers, and to include suervisors in feild trips to inforce the social relations with principals and teachers. Keywords: Transformational Leadership, organizational culture, suervisors, public schools.
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