Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2017 Survey and analysis about the habit of courage in the Abbasid poetry - Study of selected models Yazeed Mustafa Kamel Zain Edieen
2016 Arab Abu Kishk's Dialect / of Animals Pronunciations: Semantic, and Phonetic Study Wijdan Tawfik Moh.A.Kishik
2016 Bigeons in pre-Islamic poetry Amythological Study Khawlah Mohamad Samih Zaidan
2016 Koranic intertextuality in the poems of abed Al _Raheem Omar Najwa Abed Al_hafeeth Majjad
2016 Linguistic Research between "Mohammed Isaaf An-Nashashibi" and "Ishaq Musa Al-Husseini" Study in (Originality and Contemporism) Osaid Jamil Mahmoud Abu-Ridi
2016 Modafar Alnawab the Critic Receiving and the Editions Differences Formative Critic Study moayad Abdel-Raof M. Odeh
2016 Mohammad Naffa's "At-tuffaha An-nahriya" in the Light of His previous Story Collection Fathy Fu’ad Mohammad Zaidan
2016 Mohammed Abdullah El-Beitawi as an Author Said Mohammed Saadah Hamdan
2016 Mustafa Al-Rafi's essays A linguistic and semantic study "Wahi AL-qalam " as a model Moneer Ayed Mahmoud Al-saleh
2016 Supplymant Arabic Yaqut Al-Hamawi in his Book "The Common of Similar Countries in Name and the Countries Which Share in the Same Name and Different Places" / Study in Common Geographical Countries in the Levant Obada Jamal Abu Muhssin
2016 The Child in Mahmoud Shouger’s stories Zohur Ali Mohamed Youssef
2016 The Function of Phrases in Emri’’i Al-Qais’s Poetry – A Study of Syntactic Connotation Iyad Mohammed Tawfiq Zaid
2016 The Image of Mare in the Palestinian Folk literature Linda Mustafa Al-shillah
2015 An Analysis & Inquisition of the Generosity Traitin the Abbasid Poetry Ashraf Sa'eed Mohammed Sha'aban
2015 Image of Prophet Peace be upon him in the Earlier Published Literature Islam Poetry Rawda Mufeed Abdel – Hadi Saleh
2015 Ishtar manifestations in the Jahili Poetry Nadia Ziad Mohammed Salman
2015 Manifestations of Myth in Novel Palestinian women in the Twenty First Century Yasmin Abdol-Qader Yousef Shahin
2015 Phenomenon of Rescinding in Poet of Antara Ammar Jaber Abdul Rahim Jaradat
2015 Ramallah in Palestiniain Narratives:Farouk Wadi and mourid bargouthi as models Ala’ Qaraman
2015 The Linguistics Issues in Book of Places and Time. The Text Book (Mo'jam Mast'jam, Al- Bakri, Al-Anwa', Ibn Qotaiba, Al-Azmena- Wal- Amkena-Al Marzouki) Hanan Atef Mahmood Bshara
2015 The Mythic Legacy in Ibn Katheer's Quranic Exegesis Moayyad Ahmad Saeed khalaf
2015 The Nominal Sentence Verbal Connections in Parise and Descriptive Poetry in (Muhammad Mahdi al Jawahiri) /Grammatical and Semantic Study Jihad Essat Husin Zakarneh
2014 Al-Anbari’s “Al-Bayan Fe Ghareb E’rab Al-Qura’an” andAl-O’kbari’s” A-Tibyan Fe E’rab Al-Qura’an”:A Comparative Study: A Syntactic DisagreementinTreating the Quranic Script IhtiramSaed Ahmad Qarmash
2014 Cognitive Inversion and Cultural Confrontation In Abu Nawwas’s Poetry Alaa Azzam Abdul-Wahab Odeh
2014 Expressions of Guidance and Delusion in the Holy Quran in Light of the Interpretations of Al-Qurtubi and Al-Sha'rawi: A Morphological, Grammatical and Semantic Study Saed Fayez Mahmoud Jarrar