Mustafa Al-Rafi's essays A linguistic and semantic study "Wahi AL-qalam " as a model

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Prof. Ahmad Hasan Hamed/supervisor
Dr. Omar Ateeq/external examiner
Dr. Ma'moun Mbarkeh/internal examiner
Prof. Ahmad Hasan Hamed/supervisor
Moneer Ayed Mahmoud Al-saleh
In this study, the researcher dealt with the art of the article of Al- Rafii and he highlighted his proficiency in this art through his book "Wahi Al Qalam “. The researcher determined his style and his language in writing, then he performed a linguistic study which includes the morphological, syntactic and semantic levels, indicating the technical ability of Al- Rafii in employing the intellectual and the linguistic heritage in his articles.This study consists of an introduction ,preface and three chapters . In the introduction, the researcher talked about the importance of the study, the reasons behind choosing it, its previous studies and its approach that follows, then the he outlined the content of this study. In the preface, the researcher talked about Al-Rafii revealing his birth, upbringing, his knowledge ,and his literary work .In addition to that, his distinguished books and otherbooks related to him. And he talked about art of the article in a theoretical study by focusing on several issues such as, its meaning for Arab and Western scholars, its origin, its evolution, the factors of this evolution, its types, its scholars and other things related to the art of the article. In the first chapter of this study dealt with the morphological structures by gathering them in tables, and then studying the results of each table. The study focused on different connotations of the structure of nouns and verbs which reveals the abstract and the additional ones, the active and the passive verbs, as well as the transitive and intransitive verbs, and the impact of all this in the performance of the intended meanings and the structure of derivatives, all types of plurals, and various sources and how to employ them in the service of meanings associated with the contexts contained. The second chapter talked about the compositional construction of the sentence and its extension as he focused on the long sentences, and the short ones .The researcher pinpointed the negative and the affirmative sentences and the stressing ones as well as the patterns of each of them, he also revealed its implications according to different contexts, then he shed light on a phenomenon which is considered to be one of the most prominent linguistic phenomena which is worth studying , the phenomenon of submission and delays, and the most prominent connotations associated with it. The third chapter, the researcher dealt with the constructional sentences and their patterns, revealing the impact of the linguistic context in guiding the semantics through the methods cited in the articles , such as , the questioning, the command, the prohibition,the call and the oath , and the methods of praise and slander In the conclusion, the researcher talked about the most important results that have been accessed in each chapter of this study.
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