Arab Abu Kishk's Dialect / of Animals Pronunciations: Semantic, and Phonetic Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Mahdi Arar /supervisor
Prof. Zuhair Ebraheem/external examiner
Dr. M'moun Mbarkeh/internal examiner
Prof. Mahdi Arar /supervisor
Wijdan Tawfik Moh.A.Kishik
This study deals with utterences concerns animal, plant and human that Abu-Keshek Tribe Uses before 1948 (Nakba). This study aims at Conserving Abu-Keshek tribe accent due to the inter-mix that happened between this tribe and other tribes after 1948 in which they were forced to leave their home-steads and more to other places. And it also aims at conserving this accent due to the deeth of most oldor Abu-Keshek people which resulted into using different accent by their children and grandchildren. This study is important because it tries to conserve the genuine Abu-Keshek accent. This study uses the analytical descriptive way This prelude of this study discusses Abu-Keshek tribe history and how are history and peoples accent are greatly connected. This study is composed of three chapters.The first chapter is a list meanings for animals as they occur in Arabic dictionaries. The second chapter is a list of meanings for human utterances as they occur in Arabic dictionaries. The thesis also contains utterances lexicon as these occur in Arabic accent and phonitical description.
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