Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2010 Ahmed Shawqi: A Study in His Novelistic Works Aseel Abdel Wahhab Yusif Ata'oot
2010 Askar Camp Dialects Aphonitic and Semantic Study of the Terms of Household Instruments, Foods and Drinks Mohammed Adnan Mohammed Taha
2010 Autotextuality in "In the Presence of Absence" for the Poet Mahmoud Darwish Tareq Al- Serafe
2010 Caliph in Abbasid's Poetry in the Second and Third Centuries Hijrah Sahera Abdel Havis Muhammad Hamdan
2010 Crow in Pre- Islamic Poetry Ali Abu- Snaneh
2010 Derivative Names in the Praise and Satire in the Poetry of Rumi / A Morphological Denotative Study) Elham Ahmad Mohammad Taweel
2010 Description in the Poetry on the Andalusian King Yusef III Heba Al- Labde
2010 Dropping Prepositions in Speech: A Syntactic Semantic Study Maria Hasan Mansour Samarah
2010 Expressions of Estimates in Arabic: A Study in Structure and Significance Shereen Abed Al- Jawad
2010 Eye and its Semantic Development in Arab Poetry till the End of Omayyad Age Asemantical – Statistical Study Maha Ahmad Mohammed Abu- Hamed
2010 Language in the Poetry of Muzaffar Al Nowab Nihaya Redwan
2010 Manifestations of Al-Jahiliyyah Culture Manal Yakoub
2010 Parallel Text in the Literary Works of Abed Al-Rahman Munif A Critical and Analytical Study Muhammad Rushdi Abed Al-Jabbar Draidi
2010 Quranic Discourse of Israelites Alexical Stylistic Study Lafi M. M. Zaqout
2010 Sentences of Request in The Poetry of Di'bil Al-khuzai / A Grammatical and Semantic Study Osama Wajeeh Saeed Mansor
2010 Terms of Directions the Holy Quran and Pre-Islamic Poetry: A Semantic Study Ayah Rasmi Salman
2010 The Actions of Transitional Movement of the Human Being in the Holy Quran: A Semantic and Syntactic Study Emad Abdul Rahman Shalabi
2010 The Autobiography in Al Hakeem's Literature Analytical Descriptive Study Samer Sudqi Mohammad Mosa
2010 The Hero in the Palestinian Popular Tale Eman Mahmoud Theeb Mohammad
2010 The Image of Man in the poetry of the Andalusian Woman (Analytical and Critical study) Rakad khalil Salman Mabruok
2010 The Interpretation of Surat Al-Maida Between Al-Qurtubi and El-Sharawi Linguistic Study of Grammatical Comparison Mohammad Yaseen
2010 The Irregular Attribution of Adjectives in Arabic: Symptoms and Causes Mohammad Kameel
2010 The Moon in Pre-Islamic Poetry Fuad Yousef Ismail Ishtayi
2010 The Poetic movement in the court of King Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Yousuf Ibn Al-Aziz (634-658 a.h) Fadi Abed Arrahim Mahmoud Odeh
2010 The Ultimate Plural Form in Lisan Al-Arab Lexicon / A Study in Word Sa'ed Mhmoud Hassan Sawaftah