The Child in Mahmoud Shouger’s stories

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Nader Qasim/supervisor
Dr. Sussen Sayyad/external examiner
Dr. Odwan Odwan/internal examiner
Dr. Nader Qasim/supervisor
Zohur Ali Mohamed Youssef
This research، entitled " the Child in Mahmoud Shukir’s Stories “examines a particular phenomenon that is unique to Shukir from other short story writers in Palestine, the researcher tried to highlight childhood meanings, dimensions and methods in this particular type of literature, as she examined psychological, social, and national dimensions. She also showed child's perspective of land, martyrdom، homeland, and occupation. Furthermore, she showed children's perspective of these issues and how they dealt with them. The researcher also examined the aesthetic formation of child's presence in Mahmoud Shukir's narrative works, as she highlighted aesthetic aspects in them, most importantly, the simple language that suits children and their mental and intellectual level, the language that is consistent with children's language as well. Whereas the image, it precisely and sensibly depends on narration techniques.
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