Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2013 The Horse _ Image in the Poetry of Abu Tamam and Al Motanaby: Comparative Study Iman Zuheer Husain Shreem
2013 The Image of Child in Pre-Islamic Poetry Ruba Shahada Saber Samarah
2013 The Image of Jews in The First Mamluki Era (648 H –784 H) Maisa' Tahseen Mustafa Qutt
2013 The Image of Man in the Poetry of the Abbasid Woman Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Hamaydeh
2013 The Image of Woman in Pre-Islamic Zohour ali Othman dwekat
2013 The Terms of Nations and Groups in Tageal-Arus; It’s Resources and Meanings Alaa farhaan yousef Mosallam
2012 Alsultan Alnaser Mohammad bin qalawoon 693_741 AH in the literature of the first al _mamloke era Manal Ahmad Khalil Abu baker
2012 Bader-Eddine Yousef Ben Lu'lu' Athahabi Poetry (607-680 H.) Artistic and Subjective Drama Asma' Abdulatif Abdu-Fattah Hamd
2012 Blood in Pre-Islamic Poetry Naheel Tawfeeq Ahmed Al-Ardah
2012 Borhandin Aboshi as a Writer Shams El-Deen Gannam Aseeda
2012 Crow in Pre-Islamic Poetry Ali Abdel Aziz Ali Abu Snaineh
2012 Derivative Names in the Praise and Satire in the Poetry of Rumi ( A Morphological Denotative Study) Elham Ahmad Mohammad Taweel
2012 Description and Flirtation in wa’wa’ Al-Dimashqi Poetry Mohammad Ayesh Mohammad Yamin
2012 Intertextuality in Mohamad Al-Qysi Poets Nida' Ali Yousef Ismaeel
2012 Isa Lubani's Biography and Literary Life Awad Hasan Awad Ramadan
2012 Manifectations of Culture in the Jahliyyeh (before Islam) Period in the Languge of meccan Qur'an Surahs (Verses) Mannal Ya'qob Abdul Raheem Ya'qob
2012 Mousa Al-Hafiz, his Life and his Poet Abdel-Fattah Emad Lutfee Zuhair
2012 Quantity Terms in Arabic A Study in Structure and Significance Shireen Thabet Husni Abdel Jawwad
2012 The Description in the Poetry of the Andulisi King, Yousef the third Hiba Ibrahim Mansur El-Labadi
2012 The Hero In The Palestinian Folk Tale Iman Mahmoud Theeb Muhammad
2012 The Interpretion of Surat Al-Maida Between Al-Qurtubi and El-Sharawi (Linguistic Study of Grammatical Comparison) Muhammad Atallah Muhammad Yaseen
2012 The Irregular Attribution Adjectives in Arabic Symptoms and Causes Mohammad kaled ahmad kmail
2012 The Language in the Poetry of Muzaffar Alnawab Nihaya Abdul Latif Hamdan Radwan
2012 The Picture of Animal and Birds in The Holy Quran (Rhetorical Study) Ahlam Abdullah Saleh Suleiman
2012 The Social Life and its Effect in the Grammarians' Evidences and Example During the Protesting Ages Mohammad Naji Hussein Daraghma