Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2009 Water in Al-Buhturi and Ibn Zeidon Poetry Balanced study Raeda Zuhdi Rasheed Hasan
2008 Al-Waw ,al-fa' and Thomma in the Holy Qur'an A Statistical Significant Syntactical Study Safa, A.N. Hardan
2008 Connotations of Colors in Nizar Qabbani's Poetry Ahmad Abdalla Mohammad Hamdan
2008 Hearing Astonishment in "lisan Al-Arab'' Dictionary is A grammatical And Significance Study Hatim Othman Yousef Shamlawi
2008 Sameeh Al-Qassem Crtical Study in the Omitted Poems Basil Mohammad Ali Bazrawi
2008 The Imagery in Ibn Al-Qaisrany Poetry Creativity and Rhetorical Hussam Tahssen Yaseen Salman
2008 The Palestinian Issue, A Study in the Conolations of the Political Term Ali Eid Darweesh Msimi
2008 The Structure of the Verbal Sentence Between Negation and Affirmation in Al- Emran Surah : A syntactic Study Harith Adel Muhammad Zyood
2008 War and disturbance Poetry in Andalucia (The Era of Beni-Al-Ahmer) Ranya Ahmad Abo Libdeh
2008 Words in Astronomy and Approach the Rhetoric (Study Lexical indicative) Eiman Sami Mohammad Al Shobaki
2007 "No" in the Holy Quran: Gramatical and Semantical Study Na'eem Saleh Sa'ed Ne'arat
2007 Ali Al Khalili Abdul Rahman Ali Abdul Rahman J'eed
2007 Homesickness and Exile in Andalusi Poetry During the Reign of Gharnata (Granada): 635 – 897H Maha Rawhi Al-Khalili
2007 Images of war in pre-Islamic poetry Ebtesam Nayet Saleh Abu-Alroob
2007 Mind and Senses Lexicons in the Holy Quran Siham Mohammed Ahmed Al Asmer
2007 Minor Syntax signs in Al Sowar Al-Madania in the Holy KoranA grammatical and referential study Faheem Abdulla Al- Ali
2007 Mourning in Palestinian Folkloric Literature Omar Maher Mohammed Oudeh
2007 The Adverbs in Al-A'sha Divan of Poems Basheer Radi Ahmad Rawajbeh
2007 The Genitive Construction in A'ntara Al-Absi's Poetry A Syntactical Semantical and Morphological Study Ahed Hussein Abdullah Ayyash
2007 The Poetic Movement in Andalucia (The Era of Beni-Al-Ahmer) Aymen Yousef Ibrahim Jarrar
2007 The Vocabulary of Natural Environment in the Poetry of Ibn Hamdis Rafat Mohammed Sa'id Steiti
2006 A Study in the Topics and the Styles of the Original Poetry of the Arabs Heritage from the Second to the Eighth Hijri Centuries Yaser Ibrahim Mahmoud Ali Al-Ahmad
2006 AL-Andalus Grammarians Efforts in Facilitating Arabic Grammar Fadi Saqer Ahmad Aseedi
2006 Alshahed Alnahawi Between Al Romani and Al Maleqi Fidaa' Hamdi Rafeq Fattouh
2006 Intifada on Folk Literature in the North of Palestine Sireen Sadi Mostafa Jabr