Phenomenon of Rescinding in Poet of Antara

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Khalil Odeh/supervisor
Dr. Basam Qawasmeh/external examiner
Prof. Ehsan Al-Deek/internal examiner
Prof. Khalil Odeh/supervisor
Ammar Jaber Abdul Rahim Jaradat
The study dealt with the phenomenon of rescinding in poet of Antara study stylistic, and researcher tried from which to identify the linguistic meaning and idiomatic to rescinding, and its relationship to the Arab heritage rhetorical and then its relationship to the term stylistic modern, and the multiplicity of the terms of the same concept, including deviation and displacement, but the researcher effect of using the Arabic term; a revival of the heritage of the cash rhetoric that serves stylistic study equally or more of the Western terminology. The rescinding one of the most important principles underlying the modern stylistic study, the study in the first chapter dealt with rescinding theory and showed the concept of linguistic and terminological when ancient and modern forms showed. The second chapter and the third was practical rather than theoretical study, which dealt with abandon in the statement Sciences (simile and metaphor and metonymy) and Science meanings and installation (submission delays and deletions). Finally, the researcher suggested a set of results that illustrate the concept of poetic work in rescinding .
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