Survey and analysis about the habit of courage in the Abbasid poetry - Study of selected models

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. AbdulKhaleq Issa/suprvisor
prof. Ali Amer/external examiner
prof. Ehsan Deek/internal examiner
Dr. AbdulKhaleq Issa/suprvisor
Yazeed Mustafa Kamel Zain Edieen
This study seeks to explore the trace of the habit of courage in the Abbasid poetry, to find out how poets have presented this habit, and to highlight the image of courage and braves in the Abbasid poetry. The study deals with manifestations of courage as Abbasids poets draw it. It talks about opinion and intrigue, prestige, patience in adversity, self-making, chastity, excellence and individualism, the adversity with other poets and finally some images of brave as the lion, the sword, and the aspects of naturesuch as the sky, the clouds, the torrent, and the mountain. The study stopped also at the war and its tools. So, it shows what poets said about the courage and the description of the battle, the army, the status of the enemy before and after the battle, the large number of deaths. In other hand, it shows the tools of the war, like the swords, spears, and arrows. At the end, the study included a conclusion that indicate the most important results of this research.
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