Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2012 The Terms of Weather Condition in the Poetry of Huthayl A Morphological and Semantic Study Othman Mohammed Supervision
2012 The Terms of Weather Condition in the Poetry of Huthayl A Morphological and Semantic Study Othman Mohammed Othman Hussen
2012 What Succession in Wow and Omega of A triangular Verb for One Meaning in the Arab Tongue Burhan Mostafa yosef Daraghma
2011 Artistic Imagery in the Poetry of Ibn Al Qaysarani Elements of Formation & Creativity Hussam Tahssen Yaseen Salman
2011 Autotextuality in (In The Presence of Absence) for the poet Mahmoud Darwish. Tareq Ali Ahmad Al-Sairafy
2011 Burhanddin Aboshi as a Writer Shams Asedah
2011 Description and Flirtation in Wa'wa' Al-Dimashqi Poetry Mohammad Yameen
2011 Employing Heritage in Al-Ash Poetry Wesam Abdelsalam Ahmad
2011 Glossary of Terms of Crafts and Traditional Occupations in Nablus Zeina A. Abweh
2011 Man: Wholes and parts in the Holy Quran (A Semantic Study) Salam Muhammad Yaseen Al-Hihi
2011 Misery in the Abbasi Poetry in the second and the third Hijri Century Jamal Abdulfattah Khaleel Sawwi
2011 Representative Metaphor in the Holy Quran Safa’ Hosni Abdel Muhsen Al-Turk
2011 Social Life and its Impact on the Grammarians Examples Mohammad Daragmeh
2011 Sound Analysis of Text: Some Short Suras in the Qura'n as a Casestudy Mahdi Inad Ahmad Qabaha
2011 Text Grammar in Abu Firas Al-Hamdani's poems During his Captivity Ali Mahmoud Taher Abu-Obeid
2011 Text Grammar in Abu in Abu Firas Al-Hamadani Poems During his Captivity Ali Abu-Ebeed
2011 The Art of Letter Writing by Sahl Bin Haroun and Amr Bin Mas'adah: A Comparative Objective and Artistic Study Fa'ed Mahmoud Mohammed Salman
2011 The Childs' Image in the Pre-Islamic Poetry Ruba Smarah
2011 The Image of Sky and Earth in the Holy Quran/ A Rhetorical Study Nawal Ali Aded Alrahman Khader
2011 The Image of the Sultan Al-Nasser Mohammad Bin Qalawoon (693H-741H) in the Literature of the First Mamluki Age Manal Abu-Baker
2011 The Man's Image in Woman's Poetry in the Abbasid Period Ibraheem Hamaydeh
2011 The Semiotics of Sea Significance in Mahmoud Darwish's Poetry Maha Daoud Mahmoud Ahmad
2011 The Terms of the Weather Condition in the Poetry of (Hazel): A Study in the Morphology and Semantics Othman Husain
2011 Uni-Significance in the Occurance of the Waw and Ya' in the Root Verbs in Lisan AL-Arab Burhan Daragmeh
2010 "The other" in Al Mutanabi's Poetry Rola Khaled Mohammad Ganem