The Nominal Sentence Verbal Connections in Parise and Descriptive Poetry in (Muhammad Mahdi al Jawahiri) /Grammatical and Semantic Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ahmad Hassan Hamed/supervisor
Dr. Naser Abu Kdear/external examinr
Prof. Wa'el Abu Saleh/internal examinr
Prof. Ahmad Hassan Hamed/supervisor
Jihad Essat Husin Zakarneh
Language is a system of a network of grammatical, semantic and contextual relationships and this system shaped is in several Linguistic structure, including the sentence in which the grammar lesson deals with its issues and problems in details. So the main aspect that controlled the sentence structure is the connect in the sentence itself, which is achieved in several ways including: the pronoun connectivity and alike, or with connectors. As a result to the importance of the connection between the vocabularies in the syntax as Synthetic phenomenon affecting the documentation of the cohesion and structures components, so this research come to study the nominal sentence connections in praise and descriptive poetry in (Muhammad Mahdi al Jawahiri) poetry grammatical and semantic statistical study, and to attain this intent the study use a research strategy divided into three chapters , preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion. The introduction states the importance of the study, causes of chosen the subject, the research strategy, reasonable grounds of the study, and the new and old studies discussed the connection and the research parts. The first chapter is considered the theoretical framework of the study, which I talk about the grammatical and sentence connections and it included three chapters, the first chapter I talk about the concept of the connection in language and idiomatically, and how scientists recognize it importance in the past and present times, the second chapter I talked about the connection types and it divided into two categories, standard and nonstandard connectors while in the last chapter I talked about the positions of the connection in the Arabic sentence structure which is divided in two main parts, the first is the pronoun connections and in this part I studied the positions in which the Arabic language uses the pronoun as a connector: and these positions are the phrasal verbs, the personal pronoun the demonstrative name the connection divided into three category: tools that is used with the vocabularies, tools that is used with the sentence, and tools that is used with the answers. The second chapter represents the practical part of the research, as it includes the study of the verbal connector's positions in praise and descriptive poetry in (Muhammad Mahdi al Jawahri) and ways in how it used. The last chapter of the research I discussed the effect of the verbal connectors in controlling the semantic in praise and descriptive poetry, and I attached the research with a comprehensive appendix that shows the verbal connectors positions in praise and descriptive poetry and I indicated the percentage of each connector in addition to the prosody according to its advent in praise and descriptive poetry and this study showed at this part that the current sentence have the largest chance in regard to the pronoun connection, and in opposite the letter (waw) was the most conjunction used in connection side by side to (fa) regard to the tools connection . At the end, I talked about the most prominent findings of the research.
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