The Image of Mare in the Palestinian Folk literature

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ihsan AL-deek/supervisor
Dr. Yaser Elayan/external examiner
Dr. Nader Qasem/internal examiner
Prof. Ihsan AL-deek/supervisor
Linda Mustafa Al-shillah
This study tries to analyse what is setted down in the collective unawareness about the image of horse to humans since early history till today with focusing on the stable image in the heart of Palestinians people and there literature such as traditional poetry, story and proverb. Came in on introduction, there chapters and a conclusion. The searcher showed the importance of the study in the introduction. The previous study and the important resources and references that the searcher depended on this work. In the first chapter the searcher talked about the image in the horse in the old thoughts and a lingual preface came before that. She poused on what occurred in some of the arabic dictionaries for the meanings of, Faras,Hisan,Khail. Then she talked about the horses with old people. This came in three researches the first "The horse in the old human intellect" where the searcher stood at the horses legends that cleard the relashinship of the woman, sky and water with this creature that gained sacred features. The second research came in the title "The horse in the old arabic intellect" where she tried to show the image of the horse, in the ignorant intellect using some of what came in the gnomic poetry and sayings. The third research,"The horse in islam" she used the Quran verses and prophetic sayings that mentioned the horse clarifying the place of this creature in islam. The second chapter was specifed to talk about horses in the Palestinian life it came in the title of "Transfiguration of the horse in the traditinal Palestinian literature" she devided it in tow researches in one of them she talked about the image of the horse in the traditinal Palestinian intellect and in the second she showed what the traditinal Palestinian literature specifed of poetrym proverb and story to clarify the image of the horse. The third chapter was about the artistic formation of the horse image in the Palestinian Literature. The researcher has studied the prose texts that clarified more about horse’s image. She studied that in an artistic way and in three sections. The first dealt with the artistic image. In the second, shetalked about the style and language. The third was about music. In the conclusion of her research, she summarized the findings she reached about her.
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