Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2006 King in Poetry Ignorant Mohayya Abd-Raheem Khader Nassef
2006 Maqamat "Badi‘u ’l-Zaman al-Hamadhani" Bayna ’l-Sana’ah Wa ’l-Tasannu’ Saddam Hussein Mahmud Omar
2006 Stylistic Study in Alkahf Sura Marwan Mohamed Saed Abd-Elrahman
2006 The Other in Pre Islamic Poetry Mayy Odhe Ahmad Yasien
2006 The Palestinian Autobiography from 1992-2002 Nada Mahmoud Mustafa Sheep
2006 The Poetry of Andalusia Judges from the Conquest to the End of Princelings Era Critical Analysis Ashja' Rushdi Abdul-Jabbar Duraidi
2006 The Syntax Evidence in Al-Sihah Dictionary for Al-Jawhary Ma'moun Tayseer Moh'd Mubarakeh
2006 Tracing Back the Original Roots of Stylistics in Classical Criticism and Rehetoric Al-Sakaki's Book, Muftah Al-Ulum used as Asample of Study Mays Khalile Mohammad Auda
2005 Al-Fieyet Ibn Malik Between Ibn A'qeel and Al-Khudari Ziad Tawfiq Mohammad Abu Kishk
2005 Harnessing The Hereditary Udai Ibn Zaid Al-Abaddi’and Ummaya Ibn Abi e-salt e-Thaqafi’s Poetry Sana Ahmed Saleem Abdullah
2005 Impact of the Algerian Novel on Palestinian Novel: The Cases of Ahlam Mustaghnami and Yousef el-Aileh Ra’idah Abdllateef Hassan Yaseen
2005 Narration in Elyas Khouri’s Novel Bab E-Shams Amal Ahmad Abid Al-Lateef Ahmad
2005 Social Criticism in Lozomiyyat Abul Ala' Al-Ma'arri Maissoun Mahmoud Fakhri AI-Abhari
2005 Structure of Arabic semantics from the Saying of Imam Ali in the Lexicon of Arab Tongue "Lisan Al-Arab" Rai'd Abdulla Ahmad Zaid
2005 The Hero In The Palestinian Narrarive From 1993 To 2002 Ahlam Mohammad Suliman Bsharat
2005 The Hyperbolical Forms in the Holy Qur'an An Indicative Statistical and Morphological Study Kamal Hussein Rushed Saleh
2005 The Jinn In The Ignorantpoetry Haleemah Khaled Rasheed Saleh
2005 The Signs Of The "Religious Text" In Ahmad Matter Poets Abdulmin'm Mohammed Faris Suliman
2004 A Linguistic Descriptive Analytical Study Albaqarah and Alshua'ra as a Model Muna Mohammad Aref Abed
2004 AL Farra` Morphological Efforts Ayman Abdel Fatah Abdel Hadi Asa`ad
2004 Bragging Joseph ш’s Poetry Mahmoud Rashed Yousef Mustafa
2004 Children's Anthems in the Palestinian Poetry from 1920 to 1948 Marzouq Badawi Abdallah Al-Badawi
2004 Creativity and Acquisition in Pre-Islamic “Jahili” Poetry Muhammad Najeh Muhammad Hasan
2004 Death in Al-Abassi Succession Poetry between “332 H-450 H” Hanan Ahmed Khaleel Al-Jamal
2004 Employing of the Poetic Text in Paraphrasing the Koeanic Text Wae'l Abdullah Hussein Tahaineh