Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2004 Meaningful and Syntactic Study Of Surat Al-Isra’ Majde Ma’zouz Ahmad Hussein
2004 Muhareb Theeb The Palestinian Folkloric Poet (1914-1995) Lutfi Hassan Mohammad Marshoud
2004 Stylistic Study in Mariam Sura Mueen Rafiq Ahmad Saleh
2004 The Experience of Jail in Poetry of Abu Firas Al-hamdani and Al-Mu’tamid Bin Abbad Amer Abdu-Allah Amer Abdu-Allah
2004 The Inflectional Forms In The Suwar Revealed In Medina: A Denotative Linguistic Study Aishah Mohameed Sulaiman Kasho
2004 The Present Participle in the Holy Qur’an Morphological, Syntactical, and Semantical study According to Descriptive Methodology Sameer Mohammad-Aziz Nimr Mugadi
2004 The Prophetical Proverbs in Saheeh AL-BokhariLinguistic and Syntatic Study Hani Taher Mohammad Husein
2004 The Sun in the Pre – Islamic Poetry Kamal Fawwaz Ahmad Salman
2003 Abdul – Lateef Aqel As Apoet Muaath Abullah Ishtaey
2003 Akram Hanyah:A Study in his Short Stories Abdullah Mohammad Mustafa Al-Awad
2003 Al-Moa'jam Al-Jamea "The Comprehensive Lexicon": Al-Faa' Letter Mohammad Othman mohammad Othman
2003 Al-Mu jam Al Jame The Comprehensive Lexicon Al-Ayn Letters Waleed Fareed Theeb Shhadah
2003 Al-Mu'jam Al-Jame' "The Comprehensive Lexicon" Al-Noon Letter Shadi Dredi
2003 Al-Mu'jam Al-Jame' "The Comprehensive Lexicon" Al-Zai Letter Hamdallah Asbeh
2003 Alhieh In Aljahili Poetry Mahmoud Sabri Ali Abd-Allah
2003 Description of Palaces in Abbasi Poetry Tharwat Ahmad Wahdan
2003 Exploring Phonetics in Shafeyat Ibn Al-Hajeb Heyam Saleem Abed Al-Lateef Naseef
2003 Hashemite's of Al-Kumait Ben-Zaid and Their Explanation By Abu-Reyash Al-Qaisi A Study of Purport at Correlation Links Omar Aref Al-Hasan Jaradat
2003 Phonetic Study In Arabic Rhetorical Heritage Until The End Of The 5th Century Of The Higira Alia Yasin
2003 Supplication in Al-Andalusi Poetry "The Age of Kings of Parties" (422-484 h) Mohammad Jasser Jabali Ass’ad
2003 The Collective Dicitonary: The (Kh) letter Azmi Hussein Akhras
2003 The Cultural Conflict and it Effect on Arab Poetry of the First Abbasid Period (2nd. Century A.H) Ahmad Abd Alkader Mahmoud Aqil
2003 The Figure of Title in The Palestinian Novel Faraj Abed- Elhasib Malki
2003 The Ideal Woman’s Image: Her Religious Symbols in Al-Mu’alaqat Poems / Poets Taha Taha
2003 The Morphological Efforts of As – Sayuti Biameen AbdelJaleel Ahmad Dwiekat