Expressions of Guidance and Delusion in the Holy Quran in Light of the Interpretations of Al-Qurtubi and Al-Sha'rawi: A Morphological, Grammatical and Semantic Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ahmad Hamed/supervisor
Dr. Yaser Al-Hourob/external examiner
Dr. Sa'ed Shawahneh/internal examiner
Prof. Ahmad Hamed/supervisor
Saed Fayez Mahmoud Jarrar
This is a descriptive and analytic research in the terms of guidance and straying away from God in the Holy Quran. The previously mentioned terms are studied according to their syntactic structure, and then the researcher tackles the types of sentences (including nominal and verbal sentences), the syntactic cases of gerunds, derivatives and the use of the guidance and straying away from God in a syntactic point of view. Thus, it studies the semantic significance, which includes the verbal and non-verbal significance. The former includes the significance of nouns, verbs and sounds. On the other hand, the latter includes the semantic development, semantic parallelism, repetition, delaying and advancing and omission. Besides, there are statistical tables, drawings and graphs for the terms of guidance and straying away from God. The researcher concludes his research by summarizing the most important results of the study and the valuable studies whose methodology the researcher might be followed in this study.
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