Arts- Arabic Language And Literature

Year Title Authors
2010 The Ultimate Plural Form in Lisan Al-Arab Lexicon: A Study in Semiotics and Word Derivation Sa'ed Mahmoud Hasan Sawaftah
2009 Al-Andalus Physicians Poets in the Sixth Hijri Century Analytical Critical Study Salsabeel Mohammad Mahmoud Noufal
2009 Al-Itnab- More Explanation and Details in the Stories of the Holy Koran A'aesha Ahmad I'rsan Jarrar
2009 Asceticism Experience Between Abee el-Atahlyah and Abee Ishaq Al-Elbeeri: Comparative Study Mahmoud L. Abdallah
2009 Blood in the Pre- Islamic Poetry Naheel Taofeq Ahmad Ardah
2009 Compulsory Stop and Connection in the Holy Quran Safeya Mahmoud Abdel Majeed Dawabshe
2009 Concluding Sentences in Humand and Universal Ayat (verses): A stylistic study Noor Hani Mohammed Samhan
2009 Employing Heritage in Al-Ash Poetry Wesam Ishtayeh
2009 Glossary of Terms of Crafts and Traditional Occupations in Nablus) Zenah AbdelRaheem Barakat Abweh
2009 Literary Genres in the Book (Leg on Leg) A Critical Literary Study Wafa Yousef Ibrahim Zabadi
2009 Love Poetry of the Infatuated Between the Pre-Islamic and Islamic Times: Antarah and Jamil Buthayna as Examples – Stylistic Study Dr.Daoud Adnan Moham Taha
2009 Metophor in the Holy Quran Safa Husni Abel-Mohsen Al-Turk
2009 Multiplicity of Accounts of Standard Referentiality of Al- A'sha's Poetry in (Lisan Al-Arab) Malek Saleem Sabbah
2009 Self- Expression modalities in the Holy Qura’n Zein Hussin Ahmad Yassin
2009 Singular Adjectives in the Holy Quran Grammatical, Semantic Study in Human Adjectives Khaled Husein Ahmed Abdullah
2009 Social & Popular Rituals & Beliefs in the Palestinian Literature in Ramallah District Nidal Fakhri Taha
2009 Sound Analysis of Text: Some Short Suras in the Qura'n as a Case Study Mahde Enad Ahmad Kabaha
2009 Stinginess in the Abassi Poetry in the Second and Third Hijri Centuries Jamal Abel-Fattah Khalel Sway
2009 Terms of the Time in the Holy Quran (Indicative study) Mahmoud yousef Abed Alqader Yousef Awad
2009 The Image of Sky and Earth in the Holy Quran / A Rhetorical Study Nawal Ali AbdelRahman Khader
2009 The Influence of the Pessimistic Trend in the poetic vocabulary (lexicon) of Abu-Al Qasem Alshabi Iyad Tawfiq Abu-Alrub
2009 The Neglected Word-Base PHenomenon In Arabic Kifah Ibrahem Mahmud Nawwas
2009 The Picture of Bird and Animal in the Holy Quran Ahlam Saleh
2009 The Semiotics of Sea Significance in Mahmoud Darwish's Poetry Maha Daoud Mahmoud Ahmad
2009 The Syntactic Relations Among the Predicate, Adjective and the Adverb of Manner- Appliclle Study on “Yousufs Sura” Allam Jamil Ahmad Shtayeh