Modafar Alnawab the Critic Receiving and the Editions Differences Formative Critic Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Adel Al Osta/suprvisor
Dr. Taha Taha/external examiner
Dr. Nader Qasem/internal examiner
Prof. Adel Al Osta/suprvisor
moayad Abdel-Raof M. Odeh
The letter emphasises about the acceptance of critics to the poet Mudafar AL-Nawab The critics studied the introduction of the editions which the poet has issued. The researchers talked about the studies of the critics according to the social point of view as well as the rhetorical system. The studies have also talked about more than one method. The researcher showed us in the last section the studies of the poet according to the topic. In the second chapter the researcher went on to compare between the editions of the poet previously depending on the publishing which the poet knows about and those he doesn't knows. He also showed the differences between them as well as which is better than which according to the reasons behind those differences. The comparison has been done by the poet between more than eleven publishing. In the third chapter ,the researcher focused on the poems which the poet has read in more than one way. This chapter talked about nine poems having more than one way. In the conclwion , the researcher focused on the main results and concluded on the different opinions of the critics. It talks about the position of the poet and the differences between the publishing.
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