Koranic intertextuality in the poems of abed Al _Raheem Omar

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Nader Qasem/supervisor
Dr.Yaser Abu Elayian/external examiner
Prof. Adel Osta/internal examiner
Dr. Nader Qasem/supervisor
Najwa Abed Al_hafeeth Majjad
In this text, entitled with (koranic intertextuality in the poems of: Abed Al – Raheem Omar). I dealt with the koranic intertextuality in his complete work of poetry and printed collections: (lost and fire) (after all of that) (the siege of word) and his play (Arar). I presented the cultural life of Abed Al _ Raheem Omar and the influence of his life on his literary offspring, and his complete commitment to the issue of his occupied land (Palestine) and his homeless people. I talked about intertextuality strategy: origion, concept, and I also talked about the view of both arab and western critics in the past and present. Then I talked about intertextuality with koranic characters according to their appearance in his poems. Then I moved to intertextuality with structures verses. I moved to the technical side. I discussed the influence of koranic intertextuality on the aesthetic and artistic formation in his poems. I presented some of aesthetic elements as: language, style, technical picture and musical poetry. I also pointed to dramatic tendency . Finally, I spotted the results. the most important one is this: although he was a communist ،the poet inspired the koranic symbols and characters severely. He employed the koranic vocabulary and structure absurd but it was a product of culture in his memory, formed by the influence of his religious environment. Intertextuality was a respond of the life in exile that the poet lived, more over intertextuality was a tool to draw a picture of Palestinian people every where. In each koranic symbol there is a request for patience, hope, work, unity, and other values that aim to achieve freedom and going back to the lost paradise. Intertextuality wasn’t an ornament, but it was a message of revolutionary, and an intellectual struggle which the poet employed with knowledge and vision. This appeared through the characters that he chose and the vocabulary that he used. In spite of the pain which is caused by poetry of Abed Al _ Raheem Omar, the last chapter has shown up some of the beauty in this garden, which is full of many kinds of creativity which I thoroughly tried to reveal since his poetry deserves.
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