An Analysis & Inquisition of the Generosity Traitin the Abbasid Poetry

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Abdulkhaleq Issa/supervisor
Dr. Ali Amer/external examiner
Prof. Khalel Odeh/internal examinr
Dr. Abdulkhaleq Issa
Ashraf Sa'eed Mohammed Sha'aban
This study tried to inquest generosity trait in the Abbasid Poetry, and to analyze it in the poetry of diverse groups of poets, taking into consideration their origins, environment, thought, loyalty and culture, extending for nearly five centuries; To find out how the Abbasid poets dealt with this trait, and the most important influences which mainly affected this take, in order to shape generosity and generous people in the Abbasid poetry. The study also viewed both generosity and its manifestations as portrayed by the Abbasid poets. Thus spoke about the materialistic generosity, e.g. guest hospitability, monetary generosity and materialistic gifts. It viewed manifestations of the materialistic generosity like; self sacrifice, prestige, selflessness and various moral gifts. Additionally, the study inquest the religious and traditional influences on taking the generosity trait. Consequently viewed the influence of the Holy Quran on wording, image and meaning and the related proverbs and stories. And the influence of Hadith and rituals and Islamic Jurisdiction Law, and treated the historical heritage influence from the point of using historical characters, events ,stories and wars. And the popular heritage represented in using the proverb in taking this trait. Finally, the study discussed in the last chapter the scholarly and intellectual in taking generosity trait. So, I discussed the scholarly environment influence, the Greek thought, the scholarly and divine doctrines influence in using their idioms ,words and styles, e.g. dialogue, reasoning and argument, in order to show us in this chapter the diversity of generosity image and its manifestations according to the various environments. The study concluded with the most important results I reached
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