Economics and Admin Science - Political Planning and Development

Year Title Authors
2017 The Impact of Elections as a mechanism of Democratization on the Path of Democratic Transition in the Arab World Majeda Ibraheem Al-Baz
2017 The Role of the Elections in Managing the Palestinian Political Life and Achieving High National Palestinian Aims Jawad Mohammad Abed Al karim Ismail
2017 The Social Responsibility of the Palestinian National Security Agency and its Impact on the traditional Stereotyping of the Palestinian Authority Bashar Najeh Ayed Abdel Jawad
2016 Causes of Rift to Violence of Arab Revolutions of 2011 “ Egypt and Yemen as Examples” Majid Mohammed Ibrahim Rawajbeh
2016 Change in the Palestinian political culture after the Oslo agreement and its impact on the national constants Amer Mohammed Saeed Qabaha
2016 Impact of the Israeli Educational Policy on Public Awareness of the Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem Riham Hashem Abdellateef Zuhd
2016 January 2011 Revolution and its Effect on the Increase of Political Violence in Egypt Ruba Rasem Mohammad Husien
2016 Palestinian Factions and their impact in Establishing the National Unity Amjad Jallad
2016 Politicization of Public Job Recruitment and it's Impact on the Institutionalization of Palestinian Administrative System Momen Basem Suliman Shraim
2016 Role of popular resistance, as a mean of palestinian liberation, in strengthening the political participation in Palestine 2005-2013 Salwa Baker Mohammed Hassn
2016 The Effect of Official Political Discourse of the Palestinian Authority (2012-2015) on the Support of the Political Elites to its Public Policies Karmel Waleed Hasan Soboh
2016 The Muslim Brotherhood Experience in Ruling Eygpt after 25 january and its Effects on the Political Life in Egypt Jamal Rafeq Awad Abadi
2016 The Palestine Scout Movement Role in Increasing the Political and Struggle Awarenss Among Youth in Palestine "West Bank As A Model” Mohammad Abdallah Mousa Abdallah
2016 The Policies of En-Nahdha Movement and its Impact on the Democratization in Tunisia 2010-2015 Mahmoud Saleem Hashem Shobaki
2016 The Role of Palestinian University Youth in Popular Political and National Political Activities (1993-2015( Sameh Sabi Khader Dwekat
2016 The Role of Political Culture in Palestinian National Unity (2007-2015) Ameera Ghaleb Hasan Thiab
2016 The Role of the Political Detachment -Values in Obstructing Political Development In West Bank Mohammed Zaki Ali Abu-Za’rour
2016 The Tunisian Model of Democratic transition after December / 2010 Revolution Abdel-Rahman Youssef Salameh
2015 Hamas' Influence on the Political Development in the Gaza Strip Through Combining Power and Resistance (2005-2014( Murad Waheed Hijazy Arafa
2015 Palestinian National Interest Concept and its Impact on the Palestinian National Unity Since Oslo Accords 1993 Mu'tasim Muhammad Muflih Al-Kilani
2015 Russian Foreign Policy Toward Libya and Syria and its Impact on the Political Transformations and Development in Both Countries Between The Years 2011 – 2014 Amer Abdulfattah Ahmad Abdulghaffar
2015 The Arab Revolutions (2011) and its Impact on the Concepts of Liberty and Political Participation from the Perspective of Students at Palestinian Universities in the West Bank( An-Najah National University as a Model) Rafat Fuad Abdulelrahman Rayyan
2015 The Fatah Movement's: Dilemmas and Challenges Omar Rashad Saleem Nasser
2015 The Impact of Personal Access and Nepotism on Political Development in the West bank Maher Musa Ayesh Abu Dayah
2015 The impact of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state on the establishment of a Palestinian state Imad Ahmad Abdulkarim Salama