The Role of Palestinian University Youth in Popular Political and National Political Activities (1993-2015(

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Othman Othman/supervisor
Dr. Abdel Raheem Al-Shaik/external examiner
Dr. Ebraheem Abu Jaber/internal examiner
Dr. Othman Othman/supervisor
Sameh Sabi Khader Dwekat
The researcher used the analytical descriptive approach to achieve the study purposes, the researcher also used the questionnaire as a tool for collecting data, the study population consisted of the whole students of the Palestinian universities in the west bank. The study sample was (1062) male and female students. The study came out with the following results: 1. It was appeared from the study the great negative impact of Oslo agreement and the subsequent useless negotiations on the low level of the political participation of the young university students that leads to the appearance of a frustration case among the Palestinian young university students towards the national and public participation. 2. The decline of the role of the Palestinian and political parties created a case of frustration among the Palestinian young university students, which in turn affect negatively on the level of the participation in the political and national events among young people. 3. It was appeared from the study that the internal division in 2007 contributed significantly in the promotion of the indifference and refusing the national and political participation among the Palestinian youth. According to the study results, the researcher came out with the following recommendations: 1. The necessity of the presence of programs to convince the young people, serious and true programs which have an exact mechanism to involve them in the political process and causing the needed change. 2. To give a wide choice of freedom whether the freedom of expression and opinion and democracy moreover respect the other and respect the Palestinian point of view. 3. The dissemination of the national culture and not the narrow partisan culture and the promotion of new parties who have a clear national worry, and the ability of these parties to open their arms for young people to take their role and also to be convinced.
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