Role of popular resistance, as a mean of palestinian liberation, in strengthening the political participation in Palestine 2005-2013

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Dr. Raed Neirat/supervisor
Dr. Ayman Talal/external examiner
Dr. Ebraheem Abu Jaber/internal examiner
Dr. Raed Neirat/supervisor
Salwa Baker Mohammed Hassn
This thesis aims to examine the role of popular resistance in the promotion of political participation in Palestine, in order to identify the extent of the ability of the Palestinian Popular Resistance for the promotion of political participation, and in order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher studied the concept of popular resistance and the most prominent stations that passed by on the Palestinian arena and research in contributions to promote political participation. Launched the study of the hypothesis to the effect that the Popular Resistance able to enhance political participation in the Palestinian society, and can for this role to grow and develop if provided with the right climate and appropriate environment, and that by adopting the concept of popular resistance and its application on the ground as an option and a national position consensus approach daily. As for the curriculum in the study through the study researcher followed the descriptive analytical method, which is based on describe the situation and to analyze the elements through a review of the various aspects, in addition to the personal interviews that add-on study scientifically and realistic dimension. The study provided an analysis of the Palestinian experience in the use of popular resistance in various stages, where it was noted that the Popular Resistance able to promote political participation, and provide a climate appropriate and the environment, a state of the national consensus and popular become effective further shows that in an uprising in 1987 in a clear and many public donations and most recently witnessed in the Palestinian territories today, as the Popular Resistance played roles instrumental in instilling political participation values, but at this stage in the Palestinian issue, the Popular Resistance required for the role and the degree of ambition did not reach, as the Popular Resistance remains in place not to a Palestinian consensus on The adoption of this approach on the ground in spite of the pro statements of this approach from the various leaders of the National Labour, due to many reasons the most important of the division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, in addition to the crisis of confidence between the people and the leaders of the Popular Action, but it remains to strengthen popular resistance strategy would be a contribution real in the promotion of political participation on the Palestinian level. The study concluded that it is necessary to continue the popular resistance to become approach daily life and then we can say that the Popular Resistance able to promote popular participation as required, effective and large, as it is essential to work on the conversion of the Popular Resistance strategy and national action, and through the formulation of a program comprehensive national and build a combative strategy is based on the popular resistance without falling down any of the other options, so involved in the formulation of all the forces and segments of the Palestinian people in various places of his presence, and include the prioritization and defining roles and tasks, to find every person or group or faction, their role and their place appropriate to , to reach a state of national consensus and the world to defeat the occupation
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