Economics and Admin Science - Political Planning and Development

Year Title Authors
2013 Role of (FATEH) Student Youth Movement in the Reinforcement of Political Participation in Palestine 2004-2012 Abed AlRahem Saleem Hashem Al-Shobaki
2013 The Effect of 25 January Egyptian Revolution of Palestinian Cause Thafer Fawwaz Yusef Jaber
2013 The Effect of Cluster of Local Governments on the Political Development Hazem Abed Allatef Ahmad Masuod
2013 The Impact of Arab Spring on the Functional Role of Israel Waddah Mustafa Hasan Al-Asmar
2013 The Impact of Palestinian Democratic Transformation on HAMAS's Political Discourse 2006-2012 Ibrahim Mohammad Saleh Dahbour
2013 The Impact of the Imbalanced Negotiation Conditions on Finding a Solution for the Palestinian Question Abdulsalam "Mohamad Roshdi" Darweesh
2013 The Implication of the Developmental Reform Plans by the Palestinian National Authority on Human Security (2005-2011) Feda’ Mahmoud Mustafa sheeb
2013 The Reform of the security sector point in Palestinian security from the view of employee and the result of that on the political development(west Bank model) Ibrahim Hafez Abed Al-rahman Khatatbeh
2013 The Role of Electronic Warfare in the Arab-Israeli Conflict Waleed Ghassan Sa'eed Jaloud
2013 The Role Of Palestinian Civil Society Organization In Promoting Human Development (The West Bank As A case Study) Sa’ed Hamed Nasr Abu Adwan
2013 The Role of the Palestinian Authority in Achieving Development, Security and Democracy under the Israeli Occupation Bassam Ahmed Jaber Sulaiman
2013 Toward a Science of Arab Socio - Political Detachment as an Impact on Political Planning (Theoretical Approach Maher Hilmi Hassan Risha
2012 The Association Between Agricultural Development and Free Political Will "Palestine as a Model" Maher Tahseen Nayef Saleh
2012 Authority and State Study of the experience of Salam Fayyad’s government Mais Name Dsoqe Qaise
2012 Methods of Political Change for Islamic Political Groups Between Ideology and Practice "Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Egypt as aCase Study" Ra'ed Muhammad Abdel Fattah Debiy
2012 Palestinian Woman Between Armed Resistance and Political Straggle Through Intifadt Al-Aqsa 2000-2006 Sahar Faisal Mahmoud Al-Qisiy
2012 Rejuvenation school of Islamic Thought and its Effect on Political development "Women's Political Participation Model" As'ad Sameer As'ad Halbouni
2012 The Effect of Cultural Globalization on the Citizens of the West Bank Diana Ayman Haj Hamad
2012 The Experience of Palestinian Women in the Parliamentary Work, and its Effect on the Promotion of Political Participation (1996, 2006 Omar Abed Allateef Shtaya
2012 The Impact Of The Government Planning Of The Palestinian Authority On Political Development (1994-2009) Wathiq Bassam Ahmad Abdallah
2012 The Israeli Judaization Policy in East Jerusalem and its Consequences under the "Peace" process (1993 – 2010) Ameen yahia ahmad awaad
2012 The Nature of the Egyptian Role and Motivations in the Palestinian National Dialogue 2005-2010 Ghayyath Mohammad Solaiman Jazi
2012 The Palestinian Political Elite and its Impact on the National Unity "The Second Palestinian Legislative Elite as a MODEL" Maysoon Muhammad Ahmed Omair
2012 The Palestinian State: Institutional Building Model in State Establishment Hanadi Hani Muhammad Ismail
2012 The Role of Al-Jazeera Space Channel in Enforcing Political Change in the Arab Countries (Egyptian Model) Mohamed Aref Mohamed Abd –Allah