The Role of the Elections in Managing the Palestinian Political Life and Achieving High National Palestinian Aims

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.Raed Neirat/supervisor
Dr.Abdel Rahman Haj Ebraheem/external examinr
Dr. Hasan Ayoub/internal examiner
Dr.Raed Neirat/supervisor
Jawad Mohammad Abed Al karim Ismail
This study aims to the acquaintance of the relationship of the election in the Palestinian context and its importance to achieve the basic goal to the Palestinian people represented by getting rid of the Israeli occupation whereas the present Palestinian argument is about the effect of elections that raises several inquiries at each round of elections pouring to the extend the highest aim to the Palestinian people as it is still under occupation . This study is based on a main hypothesis which explains that the importance of elections gained in the administration of political life in achieving the aims of the Palestinian people that should be changed into a fixed and periodic process and should cover all the institutions of the Palestinian political regime. The study follows the method of case study or the descriptive analytical method whereas it deals with elections as a study case , and its study in all sides including the organizing staff or its expected aims . The study is divided it four main chapters that handle the particles of the letter which starts with its general frame and the cognitive one , but the second chapter deals with the Palestinian regime stages either the PLO or the PNA . The third chapter deals with democracy in the Palestinian life ; the importance and the elections and how the elections or its absence have formed the mechanism to the administration of the institution and the electoral contexts. The fourth chapter deals with central argument which is the democratic construction and the national liberation. The study concluded several major results: 1- Election are considered the only mechanism today that is able to solve a number of problems that the Palestinian people are suffering of and enables them to overcome its crises either the crisis of leadership representation or the crisis of the national program . 2- Elections offer the Palestinian society the opportunity of the political capability through the Palestinians’ return to the effective participation in making and directing the general polices 3- In order to be capable to achieve the highest aims to the Palestinian people represented in getting ride of occupation ; elections are required to be general to all the ingredients of the political Palestinian regime including the PLO and the PNA. The democratic elections in the PLO decides a leadership that acquires the priority in making the highest aims of the Palestinians inside the country or in the diasporas, but elections for the PNA is made to enable Palestinians to choose leadership capable to administrate the daily life of Palestinians in the west bank and in Gaza strip . 4- Elections in the PNA territories are considered a central mechanism of those which are used to solve the political division issue , and offer the society a return to the democratic life and at the same time , it offers the unrepresented forces an opportunity to represent themselves ; moreover , its a step and an exam upon which we can depend on towards putting an end to division . The study recommendations :- 1- On the level of political forces , it’s of great importance to void the elections the atmosphere of problems through the availability of constitutional and legal frames to guarantee its regularity , honesty and sanctity in the Palestinian regime and its various institutions. 2- On the level of the Palestinian society which mustn’t concede on he elections as it’s an individual right for the Palestinian citizen in electing and choosing those who represent both him and his high affairs , and a collective right in fixing the pillars of the democratic and pluralist society which is built on the right of disagreement and political partnership.
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