The Effect of Official Political Discourse of the Palestinian Authority (2012-2015) on the Support of the Political Elites to its Public Policies

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Dr.Raid Neirat/supervisor
Dr. Ayman Talal/external examiner
Dr. Fareed Abu Dhair/interna examinre
Dr.Raid Neirat/supervisor
Karmel Waleed Hasan Soboh
This study aimed to examine the stand point of the Palestinian Political Elites towards the official Palestinian political speech "the speech of the president Mahmoud Abbas" in time between 2012-2015, and that because of the importance of the Palestinian political speech at this stage of enterprise authority absence, specially the Palestinian legislation which makes this speech the one that express and drive the Palestinian public policy, also this period have experienced many changes on the Palestinian arena. So, this study stands on main hypothesis which says that the technique of making the Palestinian political decision which characterized by individualism affect on the official political speech and makes it addressing the outside not the inside Palestinian which is not any more characterize the joint Palestinian agenda that helps the Palestinian political elites to be displayed as united political program that perform the whole Palestine. This study adopt the discourse analysis method to analyze the official Palestinian political speech and to know its norms and exactly to know the role that this speech is rolling towards the Palestinian politic elites, and how normally affect and the reflections on the political decision through analyzing the political speech the questionnaire has been identified. This has been used to study the impact of the official Palestinian political speech and how it supports the political elite. However, the study has ended into many results that revolves around the nature of the political speech of the president Mahmoud Abbas during the period between 2012-2015 which was stronger and more regarding its language towards the Israelis through putting a time-limit for occupation causing the negotiation and continuing them several times, heading for the UN and the international institutions specially after the frequent of oppression on Gaza strip, in addition to the individuality of decision-making that the political Palestinian speech has shown by heading to address the outside without making a balance with the Palestinian inside and its needs. This had led to weakening the support the Palestinian political elite of the attitude of the speech. In addition to the scattering of its attitudes towards the general policy. Moreover, the result has shown that the Palestinian political elite has supported the fact that the political events occurring and was responding to it and that it agreed in its context with the massage that it presented. At the same time, the Palestinian elite has asserted that it did not express the opinion of the Palestinian parties and its national support, even it did not express the opinion of the Palestinian street, and it was based on symbols and slogans more than solution. Adding to this, the fact it was obscure in its general aims, strategies and policies. The study was divided into four chapters. The first chapter included the plan of the study and theoretical framework. The second chapter included the beginning and establishment of the Palestinian political elite. The third chapter forward on the influence of the official political speech 2012-2015 and the project of the Palestinian authority on the political elite. Finally, the fourth chapter included the trends of the political elite toward the political speech of the president of Palestine.
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