The Muslim Brotherhood Experience in Ruling Eygpt after 25 january and its Effects on the Political Life in Egypt

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Othman Othman /suprvisor
Dr. Abdel Rahman Haj Ebraheem/internal examiner
Dr.Ebraheem Abu Jaber
Dr. Othman Othman /suprvisor
Jamal Rafeq Awad Abadi
Due to the current political situation; bequeathing system, Muslim brotherhood never thought that they will rule over Egypt one day. Their only concern was to improve the conditions they had, and to obtain more facilities in more than one field. The 25th of January revolution gave the Muslim brotherhood a chance to get to the rule over Egypt, as it is one of the oldest and biggest political movements there. Moreover, what made the chance for them to success is their ability of organizing people and minorities. And other abilities that made them are the right alternative movement to fill the political gap after the fall down of Mubarak’s government. They got the chance to succeed in elections, a democratic election, which made it easier for them to be on the top of the political news. However, Muslim brotherhood found themselves in multiple challenges, Mubarak’s government had put them in, which need capacities that are over their potential. This is because they are an individual movement that needs more time to set their roots perfectly in the ruling system. Muslim brotherhood movement was not ready whether mentally or psychologically to rule over Egypt because they didn’t prepare themselves to such levels, or did not predict solutions to any problems they may face. They did not have answers to such challenges they found themselves facing. “Islam is the solution” was just a logo they adopted to win the elections, by gaining the sympathy of religious people, or those who believe that religion would be the solution to their problems. However, they did not follow the logo in anything, or apply it to their programs and plans. They followed the same system of the previous’, in different perspectives and fields. It is that they did not understand the aims of the revolution or the needs of the people who made it. Those aims were all about sharing, multiplicity, and getting the ruling system in peace. They did not understand that individual government is out of date. They also could not set a political system that is based on determining new political groups that define the term of a state, but shortened it into the acts of controlling the ruling system. This made those who are against them; succeed in making them fail to set their ideas and thoughts in the state. The actions of brotherhood had frightened a lot of countries such as Saudi Arabia, they considered such act threaten their local safety, its existence and their religious and political situation. Therefore, it united with other countries against brotherhood movement. Supporting the media that is against the brotherhood was one of the methods they followed to destroy their existence, not just that, also to shake down their system which made the fall down easier. Muslim Brotherhood did not also understand the polices that can calm the countries fears, but they gave impressions that they will vanish the power centers, and will control the whole country by force. Which lead the members of the power centers to obstruct their intentions as fast as they could.
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