Economics and Admin Science - Political Planning and Development

Year Title Authors
2008 The Role of the Locally Printed Press in the Democratic Transformation in the West Bank Al Quds News Paper as a Model (2004-2007) Hafith Ali Abu Ayash
2008 The Role of the United States of America in the Democratic transformation process in Palestine (George Bush's Term of Office 2001-2006) Qusai A. Hamed
2007 Globalism And Its Impact On The Process Of Democratic Reformation In The Arab World Since 1990 Fouz Nayef Omar Rehan
2007 Hamas Political Experience and its Effect on the Democratic Option in the West Bank and Gaza Tayseer Fae’q Mhamad
2007 Palestinian Civic Education curriculum and its role in Democratic Upbringing of Basic Stage students in Palestine ( Case Study: Nablus Governorate 1994-2006) Nazeer Ahmed Mostafa Husein
2007 The Current Legal Framework in the West Bank & Gaza Strip; as Well as its Impact on the Political Development Since 1994- 2004 Angham Zakaria Muhammad Mas'oud
2007 The Governmental Planning for Developing and Activating the Woman’s Political Participation Abd Elazeez Jadallah Haneen Abd Elraheem
2007 The Palestinian Liberation Movement's (FATH) Effect on the Political Development in Palestine (1993-2006) Mohammad Shuhail Yosif Ahmad
2007 The Political Change from the Perspective of Political Islamic Movements on the West Bank and Gaza "Hamas as a model" Belal M. M. Shobaki
2006 Horizons of Palestinian Virtual Learning and its role in political development (Toward Palestinian Virtual University) Farouk Hasan Mohammad Sharaf
2006 Prospects of Democratic Transition in Palestinian Political System, Dilemmas of the Relations Between the P.L.O and the P.N.A as a Major Factor Hasan Saleh Ali Ayoub
2006 The Authorities and Strategies of Municipalities and Local Units “A” and its Influences on Participation and Development (1996-2004) Marouf Muhammad Ibrahim Zahran
2006 The Relationship Between Governorates and Municipalities and the Reflection of that Relationship of their Performance in the West Bank in the Period 1994-2004 Ghassan Ali Ezzat Al-Masri
2006 The Role of the Palestinian Civil Youth Organizations in Building the Character and its Effect on the Political Development in the West Bank 1995-2004 Feras Abdul Mon'em Ahmad Mahmoud
2005 Cultural Globalization and the Arab Political Culture: Democratic Reform Programs and Participatory Arab Political Culture Omar Mustafa Mohammad Samha
2005 Islamic Fundamentals of the Political Development: 'Ashurah' As A Contrasting Model Ibrahim Rashed Mahmoud Saied
2005 Press Freedom During the Palestinian National Authority Era (1994-2004), and Political Enhancement in Palestine, West Bank and Gaza Strip Sohail Shehadah Muhammad Khalaf
2005 Role of the Arab Political System in Impeding the Building of an Informational Arab Society Maha Sami Fuad Masri
2005 The Distinction Between the Terror and the Resistance, and its Impact on the Palestinian Resistance 2001-2004 Nihad Abdulelah Abdulhameed Khanfar
2005 The Effect of Oslo Accord on Palestinian Unity and its Reflections on the Political Development Hanan Thaher Mahmmoed Arafat
2005 The Effect of Wall Discrimination on Political Development in the West Bank Bilal Abdel Raheem Othman Jabr
2005 The Role of Palestinian Institutions to Inhance Participation and Activate Political Development Abdelkarim Said Asad Ismail
2005 The Role of the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) in Treating the Results of the Unemployment Resulted by Al Aqsa Uprising in the North of West Bank Khaled Waleed Abdul Kareem Abed Alhaq
2004 National and Political Dimensions in the Thought and Practice of the Students Movement in An-Najah National University and its Effect on the Political Development (1993 - 2000) Basel Mohamad Issa Abu Baker
2004 The Effect of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamason the Political Development in Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza Strip) (1987-2004) Khalid Solayman Fayez Mahmud