Economics and Admin Science - Political Planning and Development

Year Title Authors
2004 The Evaluation of Palestinian Women’s Organizations Programs in The West Bank in The Years 1995-2000 Wasim A. Abu Fasha
2004 The Impact of Environment and Self Obstacles on the Role and Work's Image of the Non Governmental Organizations in the Field of Human Rights and Democracy, in West bank & Jerusalem Ra'ed Buorhan Addeen Aref Al Qarout
2004 The Phenomenon of Political Violence in the Palestinian Political System Analytical Study 1994-2000 Saleh Ahmad Abdel Khaleq Taha
2003 The Effect of Escalation of Political Official Violence on the Level Islamic Political Participation in the Arab World After Sep.11.2001 Nasser Fahed Ali Khbbass
2003 The Elections and the Municipal and Village Councils in the Era of the Palestinian Authority 1994 - 2000 Ali Mohammed Shati Nabhan
2003 The Impact of Israel: Security Theory on Economical and Political Divergence of the Palestinian Population in the West Bank and Gaza During (1991-2002) Moneb Abd-Alrahmman Shbeb
2003 The Role of Students' Councils in Palestinian University in Prompting Political Participation of Palestinian Students' Movement and the Effect of this Role on Making Political Development in Palestine Jehad Yousif Abd Alrahman Isaid
0 Official Job Abuse under the Palestininan legal system and its influence on palitical development Sameer Mohammad Saeed Asad Abu-Shams
0 Political and Institutional Reform in the Palestinian Political System and it’s impact on Political Participation: The Establishment of Prime minister Post Saed Asaad Ibrahim Zaghlol
0 The Concept of the other in the Practice and thought of Hamas Movement) Sameer Awad Mustafa Odeh