Impact of the Israeli Educational Policy on Public Awareness of the Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jaber/supervisor
Dr. Abdel Rahman Haj Ebraheem/external examiner
Dr. Othman Othman
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jaber/supervisor
Riham Hashem Abdellateef Zuhd
This study aims to determinate the influence of Israeli educational policy upon general understanding for Palestinian youth in east Jerusalem through recognizition of educational methods in the east of Jerusalem and to close or uncover the challenges which the Palestinian educational institutions face in east of Jerusalem in addition to that, to study the methods and strategies of Israeli deal with Arabic curriculum which is taught at Arabic schools in Jerusalem. The researcher supposes that there is no differences related to statistical indication of (α≤0.05) according to(gender, age, educational level, basic educational institution type and supervisory authority) between averages of teachers response to this study. The researcher used historical approach to show the historical aspect of Israeli educational actions which have essential role in determination of Zionism aims, and the recognition of continuous attempts to obliterate Palestinian identity and judaizate of education, also the elimination of the national through and the cultural national dimension to the Palestinian people, which leads to under mind and restrict the work of Palestinian educational institutions, she also uses the descriptive analytical methods as an approach for the study because of it's fitness of it's nature. To analyze the Israeli educational policy upon the general under standing for Palestinian youth in east of Jerusalem, so she depends on the questionnaire tool as study's way. The result of the study show that the occupation play large role in ignorance Jerusalemites students And in absence of educational process which lives up the level of quality of education to Judaism Jerusalem. The results show also that the educational realty in east Jerusalem is out come of multiple systems in the city under the absence of authority which oversees this multiplity, which leads to appearance of negatives in educational process such as low quality of education spread of leakage phenomenon and not to apply the compulsory education. Upon or according to these result the researcher sets out some recommendations: 1. The need to organize events, awareness popularity activities for educate citizen of the importance of education in our issue and his development role. 2. Activating the role of the media periodically and systematically helped to raise awareness and alarm gravity for targeting the Palestinian curriculum in Jerusalem. 3. Qualifying educational staff through organize training programs periodically and focus on their needs. 4. Secure financial support for civil and private schools to cover the deficit or lock of money which these schools paid the same value amount as the schools which get benefits of Israeli municipality and not to rely upon conational financial aids to enable it to cover it's fiscal deficit and to ensure continuity of it's work far away of pressures blackmail of Jerusalem municipality and Israeli ministry of knowledge. 5. Formation fund to support education in Jerusalem city.
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