The Palestine Scout Movement Role in Increasing the Political and Struggle Awarenss Among Youth in Palestine "West Bank As A Model”

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jaber /suprevisor
Dr. Emad Beshtawi/external examiner
Dr. Ra'ed N'erat/internal examiner
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jaber /suprevisor
Mohammad Abdallah Mousa Abdallah
The study aims to identify the scout movement of Palestinian, and trace the history of the Palestinian Scout Movement and the political struggle over 100 years, and to identify the extent and effectiveness of the Palestinian Scout Movement in increasing the political struggle awareness among young people, and to show the obstacles that stood in front of the Palestinian scouts for gaining international recognition. The researcher followed in this study the descriptive and historical approach, and he reached a set of results, most notably: First, the Palestinian Scoutscontributes in the development of the spirit of patriotism, as well as adherence to the land, and the completely Palestinian rights, and this through the deep political socialization for the Palestinian children down it to young adulthood, which looks very clear in the Scout curriculum contained in this study, and the scout has gave different forms of the political participation of his youth and his men which was represented in participating in public resistance movement through varied revolutions, demonstrations and people’s mobility which let the occupation to confront and crush them, and itcontributes to the revival of national events and different occasions, and the scout pamphlets that were among the people through publications, publications and the contributionin thesupplies distribution and organizing operations movement through the curfew suspension. Second: The scout movement worked from the beginning to provide the individual aggregate trends, ideas and skills he needs to be useful in his community, including the qualities related to the humanitarian role, and taking the initiative in all aspects of community work, which wasrepresented in the contribution to the newly municipal councils Youth taking place in the context of young people to enter into the realm of political and social life, and training young people to self-reliance and endurance skills, life and to help in the major events and occasions in various cities according to what the city contains of facts. Third: the Scout movement contributesin the increasing of the internal coherence and cohesion among the members of one people by spreading the spirit of cooperation and love among individuals, and the appreciation of the martyrs, prisoners and their families, and the Palestinian human-resistant, and plays a big role in all of these respects and accordingly the Scout Movement in Palestine has been and remains to this day on of the most important foundations of the political and societal upbringing in order to form a political awareness and contributesin building itstrongly, especially as it deals with the age at which human construction starts and forms to serve his country, and thus play a very sensitive role thatcannot be underestimated at all. From the above, the researcher recommended a range of suggestions that was the work the most important factor of them to educate people about the importance of the scout movement and its role in the Palestinian human construction, thus increasing the demand on it, andmaking joint developments plans among all the scouts to ensure unity in the approach and content and therefore Generalize the successful experiences between the scouts in the development of political awareness, emphasizing the Palestinian factions the need to increase communication with the scouts and open additional channels with them in order to build a common activities and the consolidation of the relationship between the independent Palestinian-Palestinian faction, and further studies in the field of the Scout work and its relation to society and politics in order to improve the Scouting movement performance and support it by all the available facilities , and the Scout insertion in the school curriculum in civic education more broadly to bring the children close to him and encourage them to join the Scout movement.
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