Politicization of Public Job Recruitment and it's Impact on the Institutionalization of Palestinian Administrative System

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ra'ed N'erat/supervisor
Dr. salah sabri/co-suprvisor
Dr. Ateyah Musleh/external examinr
Dr. Hasan Ayoub/internal examiner
Dr. Ra'ed N'erat/supervisor
Dr. salah sabri/co-suprvisor
Momen Basem Suliman Shraim
This study aimed to identify the concept of politicization of public job recruitment and the effects on institutionalizing the Palestinian administrative apparatus in the light of the plans of the Palestinian governmental policy since 2007 in order to establish a new Palestinian institutional phase which is based on building up the Palestinian administrative apparatus on professional bases with the aim to improve the Palestinian institutional situation and to establish an institutional system that is able to achieve development in Palestine which is the base that fulfill the requirement of the establishment of the independent State of Palestine which is based on different reformation plans. Such efforts have occurred during the phase of the Palestinian division and the absence of any possibility for any political settlement which was the chief means of politicization in the administrative apparatus which has caused a severe effect in the Palestinian institutional life in which innumerable violations occurred which are based on political division in spite of the clear trend of different Palestinian public institutions towards building an administrative apparatus which is based on professional platform though politicization is considered as one of the major obstacles that face institutionalization and reformation. The research adopted the descriptive analytic method in which he designed study instrument that is the questionnaire which has been statistically analyzed in order to test the point of view of the employees in the public sector in which the study included all administrative employees in public institutions in the Governorate of Qalqilya. The study came up with the following important results:  The total percentage of job politicization of public job recruitment in Palestinian public institutions was (%69.59) which is a medium rate. It is a sign that Palestinian public institutions are still undergo through job politicization phenomenon according to those employees who are included in the survey.  The total percentage of politicizing the Palestinian administrative governmental apparatus was (%60.60) which is considered medium. It is an indicator that The Palestinian Authority has a long run in the field of Institutional reformation from the point of view of the employees who are included in the survey.  The results proved that the effect of job politicization in Palestinian public institutions in all aspects together including (politicization in selection and appointment, in profession environment, and in service provided) was (%38) in the degree of the application of institutional criteria in the Palestinian administrative apparatus in all its total aspects together (selection, appointment, promotion, affectivity, rules application, transparency and fair service providing). This means that there is still an effect of job politicization on different sides of institutionalization with total percentage(%38) of total factors that affect the institution. The result came up with the following recommendations:  The main concern of the Palestinian political system should be the enhancement of neutrality of governmental apparatuses giving priority to avoid any form of interference of political parties in the governmental apparatus the thing which can be achieved through avoiding job recruitment that is based on political background and the necessity to adopt qualification criteria by enhancing transparency and censorship and to rely on qualification as the base of appointment.  The implementation of conciliation deal responsibly with the aim to settle the Palestinian division issue which has caused severe consequences on major Palestinian life aspects particularly on the administrative Palestinian apparatus and to accelerate the process of true conciliation away from political quotas in order to form neutral governmental apparatus which is capable of establishing justice and equality concepts among all categories of the Palestinian society.  The study results insists on the importance of the notification of all vacant governmental occupations without any exception and to avoid assigning certain posts to a particular dominating party depriving many other citizens due to their political and factional belonging in spite of their qualification which guarantee their creativity and contribution.  The study recommended the necessity to establish citizenship values in the Palestinian society by granting the chance to all to get job opportunities and service as well without discrimination, objectively and with complete transparency
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