Economics and Admin Science - Political Planning and Development

Year Title Authors
2010 The Nature of the Egyptian Role and Motivations in the Palestinian National Dialogue (2005-2010) Ghyath Jaze
2010 The Role of the Palestinian Local Authorities Elections in the Activation of Political Participation Ra'ed Farid Muqbil
2010 Tribal Intolerance In the Palestinian Political Behaviour and its Impact on Political Development Tawfik" Izat Fareed" Abu Hadid
2009 A Study in Islamic Authoritative Political Discourse in Palestine and its Effect on Hammas and Islamic Jihad Political Practice Khaled Ali Muhammad Zawwawi
2009 Methods of Political Change for Islamic Political Groups between Ideology and Practice "Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as Case Study" Ra'ed Dobe
2009 Palestinian Partisan Journalism Reliance on Rumors and the Impact on Political Development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Fatah and Hamas Movements as a Model) Khalaf Jamal Yousef Khalaf
2009 Palestinian Public Opinion And Its Impact On The Determination Of Political Orientations Of Decision-Makers And The Process Of Making The Palestinian Political Decision Firas Abdullah Ahmad Islaih
2009 Palestinian Woman Between Armed Resistance and Political Struggle Through Intefadt Al-Aqsa 2000-2006) Sahar Fesal Mahmoud Al-qissee
2009 Political Development in Naji Al-Ali’s Cartoons Khalid Mohammad Ahmad Alfaqeah
2009 The Events of June 2007 in the Gaza Strip and Their Strategic and Tactical Effects on the Palestinian National Program Kifah Harab Muhammad Odeh
2009 The Impact of Fighting Corruption in the PNA in Strengthening National Affiliation of Palestinians (1994-2006) Ashraf Muhammad Zuhair Fakhri Al-Masri
2009 The Impact of Hezbollah on the Development of the Thinking and the Methods of Resistance in Arabia Refqa Nabeel Motlaq Shaqoor
2009 The Impact of Power Duality on Political Development in the Palestinian national Authority after the Second Legislative Elections Ghassan Saed Issa Yousif
2009 The Role of the EU in the Political Development Towards Palestinian Occupied Territories (1991-2007) Issam H.M. banifadel
2009 The Role of the Palestinain Youth in Policy Making Inside the Youth Federations and its Impact on Development- Volunteers of Partner Federations to Bessan Center for Reseaech and Development as a Model (2000-2007) Sana Ata Mohammad Yousef
2008 Impact of the Second Palestinian Legislative Elections on Palestinian Democratic Transformations Khalil Mohamad Mahmood Abu Arab
2008 PLO Political Experience From The Armed Resistance to the Peaceful Settlement (1964-2006) Hamzeh Abdul Hameed Mahmoud Al-Smadi
2008 Reformation of Palestine Liberation Organization Implication of Hierarchy and Program Abdullah Ahmed Mahmmud Barham
2008 The Impact of Palestinian Ostentation Websites on the Political Affiliation and Attitude: Students of An-Najah National University as a Model (2000-2007) Ameen Abdulaziz Dablan Abowardeh
2008 The Impact of the Electronic Press on the Palestinian Political Development in Palestine (West Bank & Gaza Strip) from 1996 up to 2007 Khaled Ameen Maali
2008 The Political Ideology of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine and its Reflection on the Political Development Nazim Abdul-mutalib Mah'd Omar
2008 The Role Of Civil Society Organizations In Promoting Political Participation in Palestine Nasser Mahmoud Shaikh Ali
2008 The Role of Locally Printed Press in the Democratic Transformation in the West-Bank Al-Quds As a Model (2004-2007) Hafez Ali Hafez Abu Ayyash
2008 The Role of Palestinian Women's Organizations to Activate Women's Political Participation in the Period Between (2000 -2006) Wafaa Mohammed Hamza Awwad
2008 The Role of Student Movement at an- Najah National University Fixing the Concept of Political Participation Fathi Muhammad Khader Khader