Economics and Admin Science - Political Planning and Development

Year Title Authors
2015 The Impact of the Palestinian Development Plans in Strengthening the Capacity of Employment Plans to Create Jobs (2007-2014) Zain Husam Aldeen Toqan
2015 The Palestinian Popular Resistance and the Possibility of Transforming it into a National Strategy 2005-2013 Ashraf Mohyi Aldeen Mohamad Sawafta
2015 The Role of Arab and Islamic Support to the Palestinian Case in Dispensing with Foreign Support Abed Al-Qadir Ali Abed Al-Qadir Bane Odeh
2015 The Role of Intellectual in the “Arab Spring” Revolutions, and his Relationship with the Political Authority Fadi Allan Ali Juma’a
2015 The Workability of the Members of the Change & Reform Bloc in the Legislative Council & its Impact on Political Development in the West Bank Iyad Lutfe Yousef Abu Salsh
2014 Israel's Role in the Secession of Southern Sudan and its Impact on the Arab-Israeli Conflict Ibrahim Youssef Hammad Odeh
2014 Monitoring The Performance of the Palestinian Security Apparatuses and its Role in Strengthen Freedom and Achieving Civil Peace Basem Salem Mohammad Marshoud
2014 Political Participation Crisis and its Impact on the Democratization Process in Palestine (2013-1993) Basel Ahmad thyab Amer
2014 Political Planning in the Quran Change Methodology Raed Rida Abdallah Abdallah
2014 Popular Resistance from the Perspective of Palestinian Political Organizations and its Impact on Political Development "FATEH as a model" laila Yassir Abed AlGhany Bani Nemra
2014 The Arab Defeat Thought after 1967 and its Political Planning Implications in Greater Syria and Egypt Iyad Ahmad AbuZniet
2014 The Arab Spring and HAMAS Political Thoughts Changes Majeda Akram Nimer Fadda
2014 The Relationship's Problematic Between Salafist Currents and, Muslim Brotherhood and its Impact on the Process of Democratic Transformation in Egypt Hussein Suleiman Farid Abdel Fattah
2014 The Risk of the Israeli Peycholiegical Warfare on the Palestinian Security intillectual Yassir Mahmoud Ali Abu Baker
2014 The Role of Israeli Collaborators and Agents in Destroying the Palestinian Political Fabric Ahmad Hamed Khdeer
2014 The Role of Israeli Collaborators and Agents in Destroying the Palestinian Political Fabric Ahmad Hamed Khdeer
2014 The Violence against Women from the Perspective of Gender and its Impact on the Political Development in Palestine (2000-2013) Joumana Abed Alkarem Jomaa' Alghwanmeh
2014 U.S Aid to the Palestinian Authority and its Role in Political Development in the West Bank (Security Sector as Amodel) Saed Tahseen Hafez Yaseen
2013 Civil Society Organizations and its Role in the Enhancing the Concept of Citizenship in Palestine Qadri Fadel Kisbi
2013 Individual Freedom in the Palistinian Law and its Impact on Political Development Rawia Fahed Mohammed Alsayed
2013 Israeli Attitude Towards the Revolutionary Transformation in Arab Republic of Egypt Lubna ali Hassan dar salameh
2013 Muslim brotherhood’s perspective on the civic state and it’s impact on the shape of the state and political system in Egypt Burhan Adel Yusef Dwaikat
2013 One State Model and its Impact on Palestinian _ Israeli Peace Process Ameeneh Ramadan Taher Zaid
2013 Palestinian institutions operating at the service of the Palestinian prisoners The Assessment of Ex- prisoners Muntaha Musa Rida Odeh
2013 Qabalan Model of Strategic and Developmental planning of the Palestinian Local Councils Fawaz Hussein Sa’eed Aqra’