Mind and Senses Lexicons in the Holy Quran

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Yehya Jaber
Siham Mohammed Ahmed Al Asmer
Thanks to Allah, and peace on his prophet, This study was arranged in an introduction, three main chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction approached the importance of language in human life. Furthermore, the study focus on the status of Arabic language; the language of the holy Quran, the title of the study was "dictionary of lexicons of mind and senses: a statistical study. The first chapter of the study, made the theoretical background with a title "lexicons of mind and senses between philosophers and linguists". It also included a discussion of vocabulary of realization and awareness that took its origin from the Greek philosophy with an Islamic style, most of the time, a cross-opinions approach between the variouse linguists which shows the points of agreement and disagreements. The second chapter: in this chapter the dictionary was divided into similar somatic groups, the dissection of lexicons semantics and its origin in the Arabic dictionaries, moreover, a linking was made between most dictionary lexicons and their meaning in concrete form, and its epistemological and its developments into their abstract form. The third chapter contained a statistical tabulation, and divided them into two tables of contents, the former is concerned with mind and senses lexsicons in alphabetical order, supported with variouse occurrences in the holy Quran, the latter, is a statistical tabulation that shows the numbers of words occurrences in the Quran, their derivations and their madani and maki classifications. Finally, the study ended with a conclusion that focuses on the main themes and summarizes the study's main results, while comparing the results of previous studies.
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