Ali Al Khalili

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Prof. Adel Abu Amshah
Abdul Rahman Ali Abdul Rahman J'eed
This study comes in an introduction, preface, four chapters and a conclusion as following. I summarized in the preface the biography of the author, and briefed his various literary works in Palestinian folklore, criticism, and journalism. Ali Al Khalil efforts were pointed toward presenting the Palestinian literature and its ability to participate in the Palestinian national movement, despite the occupation, and other hardships facing the Palestinian nation. In chapter one I have discussed the poetical works of Ali al Khalili; we can notice that the Palestinian struggle was visible in his poems. We can also notice his call for the resistance and his efforts to track the image of the martyr are all significant in most of his poetical works. Ali al Khalili as a poet draws his images from the rich heritage so he can build a contemporary picture. Moreover, al Khalili employed a language that is suitable for every stage, he used synonyms, repetition. The effort was focused in chapter two on the essay writing, and to compare his works with other journalists of the time in Palestine. Al Khalili managed to combine both, literary writing and journalist; his skills were obvious in his ability to distinguish between a news article and a literary article, and for him each type has its awn feature. Novel and Ali Al Khalili were the center of chapter three. Three novels of al Khalili that took their place in the Palestinian novel and painted the reality of the occupied land. In these novels I tried to analyze the novels from its language, structure, time, and characters. Biography of Ali Al Khalili was the subject of chapter four; I have tried to shed some light on the impact of the first place (Bit an nar) in his life, his first poem and the impact that formed the seeds of his poetical work especially after the Nakbah of 1948. Finally, the study ends with a conclusion that summarizes the main result of the study??? Al Khalili literary works was not only limited on the resistance of occupation, but also took the social and intellectual aspects of life. Despite all of Al Khalili works, they did not take their sufficient study from critics and scholars. On this regard , one of the objectives of the study is to draw more attention to al Khalili literary achievements, that is his efforts were focused on the issue of the Palestinian human being through the various stages that is full of sacrifice despite the hardship pf his life although he continued the creativity marc and supplied the Palestinian literature of more than one literary genre and this by it self is an indicator of his large energy that made him take an important role in the Palestinian literary movement.
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