The Palestinian Issue, A Study in the Conolations of the Political Term

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Prof. Yahia A. Jaber
Ali Eid Darweesh Msimi
In ramification of the British colonialism and the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian Issue has become rich with a great number of political terms. Regardless of their original connotations, these terms have widely been used among all the society categories alike. Some of these terms totally contradicted the pronunciation and the connotation of the original word ;others have been used specifically although they used to be used as general terms. Accordingly, the researcher has tackled the development of the connotations of the political terms concerning the Palestinian Issue since the invasion of Palestinian In the ealy19th Century. The title of this study is: The Palestinian Issue: A Study in the Connotation of the Political Terms. The study encompasses a lot of humanitarian, spatial and abstract terms. The researcher has used some of the well-known Arabic dictionaries to trace the origins of these terms. In addition , the researcher referred to some Palestinian political resources , interviewed some notable Palestinian figures and ordinary public people.
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