Minor Syntax signs in Al Sowar Al-Madania in the Holy KoranA grammatical and referential study

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Prof: Ahmad Hassan Hamed
Faheem Abdulla Al- Ali
This study deals with the branch signs of syntax in Al sewar al-Madania of the Holy Koran in syntactical, semantical and statistical study. The study was divided into five chapters. The first chapter talks about branch signs of syntax which are considered as complementary for the origin signs in both, syntax and structure, and it talks about the meanings of these signs and its location, in addition to the opinions of the Arab grammarians. The second chapter focuses on the origin and the branch in the signs of syntax, and the effect of that on the rising of the branch and syntactic signs, and this chapter also deals with these signs whether they are origin or branch, and also it talks about the arguments between the Kofic and Basrinian grammarians about this issue which took a lot of importance from many grammarians and still. The third chapter talks about voiced signs and it deals with soft and long voices and it talks also about the phenomena of the clearance auditory and the relation with these signs. In the fourth chapter the study focus on the syntactical signs in the verses of the Holy Koran which were reveal to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and the number was 2757 verses and they were distributed as the following : 1.nominative: 1244 2.accusative: 646 3.genitive : 433 4.imperative : 434 The last chapter deals with signs of syntax in statistic way , and the chapter focuses on the meanings of these signs and semantics and non semantics. I looked for the opinions of the grammarians and lexicologists in the five chapters and I tried to find every thing related to the signs of syntax. The study ends with a conclusion which contained the results of the study. Finally, I ask my Lord to comply my study and I hope that I succeeded to introduce somewhat useful for my favorite language which is honored and respected all the time because it is the language of the Holy Koran and the language of our prophet peace be upon him.
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