The Genitive Construction in A'ntara Al-Absi's Poetry A Syntactical Semantical and Morphological Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Ahmed Hassan Hamid
Ahed Hussein Abdullah Ayyash
This research project deals with the genitive construction in A'ntara Al-Absi's poetry syntactical semantical and morphological This research consists of two chapters with different titles. The first chapter is an introduction to the genitive construction ; its Linguistic and conventional concept , its kind , the genitive and the lowering issues and the opinions of the grammarians and linguists of AL-Basra and Al-Kufa , in addition to the types , and the nouns adhering to the genitive construction. Also this chapter deals with the statistical dictionary of the genitive construction and its forms in the divan. The second chapter is a Syntactical Study of the divan ; Where the adjuncts have been demonstrated , illustrated and have been analyzed , in addition to clarifying some semantical words in the divan. As for all epilogue of this research , it is a conclusion , I have recorded the most important results specially those related to the genitive construction and its two types , its principles and finally its positions in the divan.
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