The Vocabulary of Natural Environment in the Poetry of Ibn Hamdis

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Yahya Jaber
Rafat Mohammed Sa'id Steiti
This study aimed to discuss the natural terms in Ibn Hamdis AL- Siqilli's book in terms of denotation, lexicography semanties, and morphology and statistically. The study consists of an introduction and four chapters, in addition to statistical study of the natural vocables that explains their attribution in Ibn Hamdis poetry. The researcher presented Ibn Hamdis life in the first chapter, and about the impact of both Sicilian and Andalusian environment on his life and poetry. He also discussed Ibn Hamdis ability to invent and propogate meanings and denotations. In the second chapter the researcher presented the silent natural vocables including vocables of water, potanic apron, weather phenomena and landmarks. In the third chapter the researcher presented the natural vocables of animal including domestic and wild animals. Then, he completed the talk about the bird species such as pigeons and mordants. Whereas in the fourth chapter the researcher presented some linguistic issues briefly for clarification purpose in the book. Such linguistic issues mentioned are namely joint verbal, synonyms, antonyms Arabization, non – native vocables and syntactic morphology. Then, he introduced the statistical study. Finally, the researcher concluded a summary which explains the most distinguished results concluded by the researcher.
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