Images of war in pre-Islamic poetry

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ehsan -El-deek
Ebtesam Nayet Saleh Abu-Alroob
This study investigates the images of war in the pre0islamic poetry and its connection with legends and old believes; the study analyze this imagery for the old Arab including the rituals and religious events that is related. This study will track the various images of war in the old Arabic poetry. The methodology of the research is based in previous studies that are presented in this topic and my effort was focused on the collecting of the scattered images and to clarify the boundaries of the methodology from the poetry of many old poets who used these images. The study used resources and reviews from many references that took the subject from many angles and the critical studies the manhag takamly was used on this study. The nature of the study made the obligation to distribute the materials in and introduction and three chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter, the war in heritage, traced the war in ancint nations like Sumerians, Babylonians, cannaites, Hebrew and the pre-Islamic Arabs tribes from the perspective of their rituals of war. The second chapter holds the title image of the human war, in the chapter the focus was on the images that are related to the female and its relation to war and the artistic description from a comparative approach. On the other hand, the images of male in war which focused on heroism and sacrifice and the discretion of the war hero and the and the deionization of the enemy. The third chapter of the study, the natural images of war, in this chapter the nature as a living or dead entity that took thew images of camal in war, goul ,animal, grinding wheels, water, and its cmaprisn and images of war that unified the poets of the certina images. Finally, the concusion of the study were presented (add from ur own).
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